Land Transfers
  • QCD: Michael Alan Shetley Et al to Michael Alan Shetley Et al
  • WD: Thomas Stephens & wife to Lord Masonry LLC
  • WD: Robert Seabaugh to Steve Loncaric & wife
  • WD: Dustin Bess & wife to Dennis J Seiter & wife
  • QCD: Joan Schulz & husband to Tracy Russom & husband
  • QCD: Kevin LaPlant to Oby LaPlant & Kevin LaPlant
  • QCD: Oby LaPlant to Oby LaPlant & Susan LaPlant
  • QCD: Virginia Wurm to Oby LaPlant & Virginia Wurm
  • QCD: Virginia Wurm Et al to Oby LaPlant Et al
  • WD: Derek Mikel Kauffman to Jessica D Brewington
  • WD: Cleo L Reeder Et al to Cleo L Reeder Et al Trustees
  • WD: Heaps Homes LLC to Mary Savage & Damon Savage
  • WD: Jason Moser & wife to Darrel Wayne Moser & wife
  • Ben Deed: Darrel Wayne Moser & wife to Darrell Wayne Moser Jr Et al

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