Land Transfers
  • WD: Steven L Hardy Et al to Steven R Marler & wife
  • WD: Thomas Stephens & wife to Robert J Golden & wife
  • WD: Miranda Ann Stevens & husband to Kyle Lauer & wife
  • WD: Virgina Jane Walts to Sue Ellyn Reitzel
  • WD: David Royer and Jean Wyall to George Palmer & wife
  • WD: Jacob C Schillinger to Walter Wayne Kuehn & wife
  • WD: Rachael C Paleck to Jamie Henson & wife
  • WD: Rachael C Palecek to Jamie Henson & wife
  • QCD: James Morris Jr & wife to James Morris Jr & wife Trustees
  • WD: Daren Brown to Christopher A Brown and Sherri L Brown Trustees
  • WD: Justin Moon & wife to Clay M Hendrix and Haley Stevens
  • WD: The Estate of Kenneth Thomas Lambing to Bryan Alexander Lambing and Nicholas Lee Lambing

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