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  • WD: Maria Shepherd Et al to James M Kaneosky
  • Aff of Heirship: Robert McKinnis & wife (Deceased) to Robert Stephen McKinnis
  • WD: Robert Stephen McKinnis Et al to Daniel P Fall & wife
  • QCD: Frank Rieger Et al to Daniel P Fall & wife
  • Ben Deed: Daniel P Fall & wife to Taylor S Fall
  • WD: Housing Source, LLC to Micah Reutzel & wife
  • Ben Deed: Ronald V Stevens & wife to Pamela J Hamilton Et al
  • WD: John C Reed & wife to Gary W Boushie & wife
  • WD: William S Halpin to Cassie Curtis
  • WD: David C Arand & wife to Lindell Lunsford, Jr & wife
  • Ben Deed: Craig M Hass & wife to Brianna N Haas Et al
  • WD: Rickey L Whitmore & wife Et al to Dennis P Freeman & wife
  • WD: First State Community Bank to Michael Shine & wife
  • Ben Deed: Kevin G Richardson to Lucia King
  • WD: Richard Anthony Jakubowicz & wife to Beverly Brown
  • WD: Virginia M Parker to Statler Brothers Investments
  • QCD: Jessica L Dettling to Jessica McColl
  • WD: Michael L Keith Sr & wife to Kathleen A Harris & husband
  • WD: William Paul Henson to Jo Lynn Henson
  • Ben Deed: Casey R Hogan to Justin Patterson Et al
  • WD: Swinford Properties LLC to David Paul Lord & wife
  • WD: RLP Properties LLC to Matt Hoch
  • WD: Aaron Scott Forister & wife to Katelyn A Pense Et al
  • WD: William J Mattews & wife to Vernon D Davis & wife
  • WD: Donald Ray Tucker & wife to Jacob R Tucker & wife
  • WD: Brewen Properties LLC to Daniel Martin & wife
  • WD: Trophy Management Prop to Steve Saeger & wife
  • WD: Charles D English & wife to William David Mauk Et al
  • WD: County of Madison to Madison County Ambulance District
  • WD: Kyle Danback & wife to Michael Kosch
  • WD: Paul V Whitacre & wife to Christopher M Hoffman & wife
  • WD: Swinford Properties LLC to Geoffrey McDowell & wife
  • Deed: Charles E Vincent-Trust to Daniel S Klages Et al

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