I realize that Mother’s Day has just passed by, but I didn’t get the chance to write about mothers last week, so I thought I’d mention something about them this week.

It’s never too late to talk about mothers. When you think of your own mother, what comes to mind first? Her looks? Her cooking? Her parenting skills? Her job? Her community or church involvement?

Mothers seem to have extended responsibilities, yet no two mothers are just alike.

At our church ladies meeting last week, two of the ladies gave a devotional on mothers. Their skit had them as angels that were overseeing two particular mothers here on earth. The one’s mother was totally involved. She ran her children to soccer, basketball, baseball, football, dance classes, school meetings, church activities, besides keeping up with the laundry, cooking meals, cleaning the house, making certain everyone kept appointments, overseeing homework, all the while keeping herself in some sort of sanity. But she loved every minute and wouldn’t have changed it for the world. A little tired once in awhile, but focused on what was important to her.

The other angel’s mother was much more laid back. Her children were not quite as involved in extracurricular activities, therefore she didn’t have all the extra running to do. She was more quiet, more reserved, not as busy as the first mother, yet she was just as focused and dedicated to the needs and upbringing of her children. Her angel told the other angel she just didn’t think she would have been able to keep up with the first mother – too active for her.

As we all know, every mother’s job is different and every mother may take a different approach to the way she deals with her circumstances. It does not mean that one mother is better than another. It just means that each of our situations are different and we (as mothers) respond in the ways that best fit our needs. Granted, there are those mothers who are slothful, uncaring, selfish, overbearing, or uninvolved in their children’s lives. But I believe the majority of mothers daily make a positive impression and difference in the lives of their children. Their encouragement, their words of wisdom, their personal care of each child, their willingness to comfort and guide, and for many their daily prayers for safety and well being are all inclusive in being the mother their children will admire and respect.

One of the Ten Commandments (which I’m afraid to say is all too often regarded as old, out of date, for Bible times and not necessary for today) requires us to honor our fathers AND MOTHERS. Actually, it is the only commandment with a promise which says that as we honor them, our days will be long upon this earth.

If you haven’t done so recently, give your mom a call, a hug, a high five, a compliment, a thank you for all she has done for you and is still doing. It will make both of you feel better. It will certainly make her feel proud.

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