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The business meeting was called to order February 16 at 1805. In the absence of Gary Lee, Jon Robbins conducted the meeting. There were 16 members/guests present.

Newsletter/Membership: This month, 106 newsletters were mailed. Discussion on the series of articles by Tony Starr. This topic continues to be interesting.

All memberships expire in May of each year, please check your label to see if your dues are current. Our continued work depends on the generosity of our members keeping their dues current and donating towards our projects.

Treasurer’s Report: Kim L. gave the following report:

Balance DEC 19, 2017 $ 8,117.41

Osborne Copier 2018 - 180.00

Pulitzer, printing - 63.00

Deposits + 2121.68.

Interest Earned + .62

Balance FEB 20, 2018 $ 9,996.71

Old Business: The Chamber held its "Perk Before Work" in our museum this morning. The event was well attended. Snacks were provided by SMTS. Several of the guests had never been inside our museum before and were interested in both the tour led by Jon Robbins as well as the many interesting exhibits displayed.

The recent county bicentennial poster contest offered by the retired teachers group was a great success. Winning posters are on display in the local library. There were some very creative entries. Thank you to all!

The next event in remembrance of the bicentennial is a contest for businesses to decorate their display windows around the historical theme. The deadline for the window contest is March 31. Does anyone have an idea for the museum window?

New Business: There was discussion as to the location of the Gem Theatre or Lyric Theatre. Tony ran across info from 1917 where the theatre sat 600 people for vaudeville entertainment, 200 for movies.

Teri Moss announced that in honor of the County Bicentennial, the DAR will be laying a wreath on May 5 at the courthouse. Many dignitaries will be invited as well as descendants of the eleven patriots listed on the courthouse plaque.

Debbie Robinson, representing the Foundation for Historic Preservation, announced the Board members (Debbie, Carole Magnus and Margaret Miller) have resigned. New board members are Scott Bates, Jason Brewington and Mike Sletten. There was some controversy with an organization in Cape County on ownership of the property but that is being cleared up and the group is moving forward.

Lon reported to the group that Gary Lee’s wife Barbara is having some very serious health issues and work on the Military Exhibit has not progressed. Jason offered to get a card for those attending to sign wishing them well.

Murray Dunn brought some old obstetrical tools from Dr. Edward Crites to show. Teri Moss mentioned that she has a very old McClellan saddle, possibly from the Civil War. It has B11633 stamped in front of the saddle horn.

There being no further business, meeting was adjourned.

The Historical Society Jail Museum is always accepting and looking for items of local interest such as business advertising items; Fredericktown, Marquand and Marvin College yearbooks; blacksmith, timber, agriculture and other trade related tools and equipment; Native American items; local photographs; local Civil War items; Mining related items and information, books, etc. Stop by any Tuesday afternoon, see what we have!

The next regular meeting will be March 20, 2018 at 6 p.m. in the Historic Jail Museum, 122 N. Main St.

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