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  • Ben Deed: Thomas W Hyatt & wife to Joseph Maloney Et al
  • WD: M&T Automotive, Inc to Kathy Bade Et al
  • WD: Ronald Moyers & wife to Kathy Bade Et al
  • WD: Deborah K Bradley to William R Wanstreet
  • WD: BKC Properties, OOC to Kaitlynn E Baldwin Et al
  • WD: Carol Lynn Richardson & husband to Jakob Cunningham
  • Ben Deed: Jakob Cunningham to Morris Poe & wife
  • WD: Treeland, Inc to Swinford Properties, LLC
  • WD: Dustin Bess & wife to Austin Smith & wife
  • WD: Sean M Killian & wife to Shaun & Dawn Zittlow Trust
  • QC: Gequetta E Todaro to Gequetta E Todaro Et al
  • WD: Patricia Louise Allen & husband to Edward Tawfall & wife
  • Trustee's Deed: Benjamin Reed by Trustee to Van Naeger & wife
  • QCD: Norma J Reynolds to Norma J Reynolds Et al
  • QCD: Judy Ann Hei to Melissa Woods
  • WD: Eric C Osborne & wife to John Ross Tucker
  • WD: Ralph L Gifford & wife Trustees to Stephen Marler
  • QC: Sharon Louise Nottingham to John Ray Nottingham, Sr Et al
  • WD: Swinford Properties, LLC to Diamond Ventures, LLC
  • WD: Van Naeger & wife to Swinford Properties, LLC
  • WD: Express 44, LLC to Roger Toenjes & wife Trustees
  • WD: Rhonda Roach to Jonathon L Hankins
  • QCD: Bishop, Douglas R to Castor River Properties, LLC
  • QC: Jimmie Dale Settle & wife to Kenneth D Boyer
  • WD: Robert Cannon & wife to Megan Parsley & wife
  • WD: Wesley J Stevens to Kyle J Rogers & wife
  • WD: Sally A Fecke & husband Et al to Kenneth R Lashley & wife
  • WD: Jeremy W Pulley & wife to Matthew J King
  • QC: Brenda J Schroeder to Bonnie L Wright
  • WD: Carl M Cureton & wife to Carl M Cureton & wife Trustees
  • Ben Deed: Donald G Pogue & wife to LaDonna S Kemp Et al
  • WD: Tina Crites to Joshua Kimes
  • QCD: Willa Dean Combs - Trustee to Alfred Moss & wife
  • WD: Kyle Stephens Construction to Genaro Fraire Arrendo & wife
  • WD: Timothy Reed & wife to Michelle Renna
  • WD: Guffey Properties, LLC to LBO Development, LLC
  • WD: Charles W Tesreau & wife Et al to Fritz A Whitmer Jr & wife
  • WD: Jennie L Whitmer Trust to Fritz A Whitmer Jr & wife
  • WD: John D Penuel & wife Trustees to Jason L Hamburger & wife
  • WD: Maria Shepherd Et al to Harvetta Sutton
  • WD: Elliot T Hovis & wife to Roger Pratt
  • QCD: Gregory Buxton & wife to Gregory Buxton
  • QCD: Grebory Buxton & wife to Gregory Buxton & wife

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