As the celebration of our Christmas season has just passed, do you look back and wonder where and just how fast it all went.

Not just these past few days, but actually the entire year of 2018.

My mother used to say, “The older you get, the quicker time passes.”

As a child or young person, time seemed to stand still. I was always waiting for the next event; a birthday, a certain age when I could drive, a date, or a holiday. As youth, we seem to wish we could grow up quickly and do more things. When we are old enough to be out on our own, our attitudes and perceptions begin to transpire and we take things more seriously. By middle age, we are looking backward and wondering how we arrived at this point so soon. By the time you are my age, one is definitely looking more into the future. Serious questions begin to arise as to what may lie ahead.

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Looking backward, one can reflect on some of the mistakes and changes they might have made or rejoice over the fact that they have actually survived their choices and learned from the lessons.

Wherever you are in life, learn to take advantage of the present and do your very best to enjoy each and every day. Time passes quickly. Just look at 2018. We never know what the next hour or day may bring. If it has been a difficult year for you, be grateful that you made it through and determine to look forward to 2019. If it has been a great year for you, rejoice in God’s goodnesses toward you and begin sharing those blessings with others.

How ever this year is ending for you, resolve to make 2019 an even better year. It’s a few days early I realize, but HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone of you and be safe ending 2018. God bless.

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