I’m sure that most everyone has heard of a "hole in one" in golf.

That’s when the golfer who is driving the ball from the tee, hits his ball and it lands on the green and rolls into the hole, all in one shot. Most usually the golfer is as surprised as much as anyone. If it is in a tournament, the crowd usually goes wild.

Now let’s consider when a couple finds out they are pregnant. Not just one baby, but twins. All their original plans are multiplied by two. Two beds, two car seats, two swings, twice as many diapers, bottles, and the list grows bigger and bigger. Again, everyone is excited, in shock, and acquiring all of the necessities is set in motion. The big day arrives and two babies are added to the family’s picture.

My scenario is not quite that dramatic, but definitely, equally as exciting. Within one week’s period of time this month, I had the privilege of celebrating four graduations within my family. Three of them were college graduations and all from one family. My youngest son-in-law graduated from MAC with his Associate of Arts degree on a Saturday morning. At 2 p.m. that same afternoon, my youngest granddaughter graduated from the St. Louis College of Pharmacy, with her doctorate degree. It is not an easy feat to maneuver from Park Hills to St. Louis in a short period of time with it pouring rain and the temperatures being in the 40’s; in May no less. But everyone made it.

The next Saturday, my youngest daughter graduated from Central Methodist University, with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Counseling, plus she was awarded an Honors Award from her Dean. At least the sun was shining and the weather was warm for that occasion.

On Thursday evening, in between the two Saturday events, I witnessed my oldest great granddaughter’s graduation from 8th grade. Exciting crowd pleasers, maybe not for everyone, but for this mom/grandmother/great grandmother/mother in law, there certainly was some answered prayers on the behalf of each of them, excitement, pride, joy, and gratefulness for all of their hard work and achievements.

At church on the Sunday afterwards, I witnessed two young people from our congregation who were also graduating. One from high school, the other with her nurse's degree.

Life gives each of us the opportunities to be involved in the lives of others whether family, church family, or community. You may never know how you are touching the lives of someone around you, but words of encouragement and prayers on their behalf may be the very thing that helps them make it through. Maybe they are the first one in their family to have ever graduated. It doesn’t matter. Everyone of them has achieved a goal to which they set their minds.

This is a paraphrase from another similar quote: “They believed they could, so they did.” Whether there is one, two, three, or four in a family who meets their goal, they all are to be commended for jobs well done. Congratulations graduates. You are one step closer toward becoming the person you were meant to be. God has a purpose for your life. Walk in it.

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