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Fredericktown City Council

(Left to right) Alderman Loretta Brown, City Engineer Tim Baer, Mayor Kelly Korokis, Alderman Rick Polete and City Administrator James Settle look at plans for the new sports complex.

The Fredericktown City Council made changes to the sports complex during its work session Monday night.

Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney and District Commissioner Larry Kemp came to the meeting to clarify their expectations of the sports complex and review the previous contract.

Kemp made it known he did not approve of a prior change to the plans to make one of the two softball fields smaller.

"According to the contract, we are supposed to do these three fields first and these are the sizes they are supposed to be," Kemp said. "That is what we agreed to."

"Here's the thing when we presented this sports complex it was for kids," Mayor Kelly Korokis said. "We were trying to keep from having to do that portable fencing."

Kemp said the girls play on the big field now and use portable fencing and he spoke with the high school about using its portable fence for the field when needed.

"The thing of it is, since we are limited to our space here, you can play small on a big field but you can't play big on a small field," Kemp said.

Kemp said making the field larger will create more options for the complex and bring in more competitions and more money.

"I like the idea that the kids can play on it, but I also like the idea--if we are going to build that field--it needs to be usable for everything," Paul Brown said. "I know it is kind of a pain to put the fence up, but at least we have the option. If it is built for the little kids, we can't ever use it as a full-size field."

Korokis expressed concern about the fields being taken over by adult teams when the kids could be playing.

“The reason the ballfields were proposed was because we have so many kids teams and not enough places to play," Korokis said. "I don’t want to create something that the adults are going to hone in on their time and their place. That’s my concern because we do still have the JC Ball Fields. I know they aren’t the greatest but we do have those and I just want to make sure that the kids have their turn first. That is my only concern about it."

Brown said the use of the field would be controlled by the city and a policy should be put in place to ensure it is used for the proper purposes.

"I just want to make sure it is understood that when it was proposed, it was for kids," Korokis said. "I just don't want adults taking it away from the kids."

The council approved the motion to change the bids to two large softball fields and one baseball field, reversing the previous motion to shorten one of the softball fields to 225 feet.

City Engineer Tim Baer notified the board of two sink holes located on field four of the sports complex.

Baer said the area was a shallow hole just a couple feet deep and the crew excavated down roughly ten feet until they hit solid rock.

"We didn't want to just cover it up so we decided to dig it out and see what it was," Baer said. "We will fix them up and make them work. We needed to dig them up and fix them because we are putting another six foot on top of that, and we didn't want to bury this thing another six foot deep and have a problem later."

Baer also gave a brief update on the sports complex saying that fields one and two are done excavating and field three is about half way done. 

The bid deadline for phase two is July 18.

In other business, the council approved the purchase of a mowing tractor for the airport.

A bid from Underwood Landscaping & Tree Service was approved for the tree trimming services.

The council approved a request by the Fire Department to close East Main Street and Court Square area for the Chili-Cook Off Oct. 13.

A community forum will be held July 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Fredericktown Fire House located on 202 W. College Ave. to show plans for the proposed Community Public Safety Complex and answer any questions about Proposition P.

The next meeting of the Fredericktown City Council will be July 30, following the 5:30 p.m. work session at city hall.

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