Madison County Opioid Task Force

The Madison County Opioid Task Force meets April 15, at Black River Electric's meeting room.

The Madison County Opioid Task Force met for its monthly meeting Monday to look over the results from the adult survey and make a decision regarding the grant application.

The survey results showed 270 surveys were completed with most of them being female's between the age of 35 to 54.

Becky Hunt said, after much consideration she chose to separate the surveys by generation instead putting them in one lump. 

"18-year-olds and 70-year-olds are not the same people and do not have the same thought process," Hunt said. "I thought why not look at millennial, generation x and baby boomers."

Hunt said information in the usage categories really are not that scary but when it is about the "no" answers, she could see it was the same person who was not answering.

"It was like I wish I knew who you were because I'd want to talk to you," Hunt said. "I want to help you because there is something going on there. I can see that we have a lot of adult education issues."

The group then moved on to a discussion regarding the application for grant funding. 

Hunt said the decision is to either apply for the grant as a county or join the Highland Center as part of its application.

"I have heard they (Highland Center) want to open a treatment facility in Wayne County," Hunt said. "What if they are going to do that with the million dollars. Where would that leave us with the things we want to do."

Hunt said the school has identified it would need $12,000 for training and curriculum and has found other free resources as well.

"I am not real confident that we would get that $12,000 and the other educational monies that we want through the Highland Center," Hunt said. "I just don't want to cut our own throat when it comes to priority one, and it's not a decision I want to make on my own."

After some discussion from the group and many expressing concerns about why the Highland Center has not been forthcoming with information, the task force decided to move forward and apply solo as Madison County.

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