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'Three F’s'

'Three F’s'

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I heard someone not long ago speak on all of us finding our places in this world.

When we are young and not certain of our future paths in life, it might be difficult to determine and "find" what we are supposed to do.

Some know from the time they are small what they desire for their future. Most others do not. Confusion in decision making can result because of too many choices.

It is important for each of us to seek wise instructions from those we respect, but also from our Heavenly Father. He will always guide us in the right direction.

Once we have made our choice, then it is expedient for us to "follow" the correct path.

How many times have you missed an exit on the highway? Turned right when you should have turned left? Turned too quickly? Come to an intersection and realized you are in the wrong lane.

Maybe we just need to slow down and follow the signs God is giving us.

Lastly, as we journey the path we have chosen, are we really "fulfilling" our hearts desires and goals of the job, or are we just putting in the hours for a paycheck to survive?

There may be times that obstacles or roadblocks are put in our way. We can’t seem to go any further or if we do, it just becomes routine. This is the time we must seek wisdom and determine whether we are to continue, or is it time to turn around and change our course.

Seeking wise council and examining our motives will make all the difference in the world. It might be a difficult decision to make, but one that might truly change your life. How many people have you heard testify to the fact they are satisfied with the job they have done and feel happy with their life’s work?

"Find" your passion, "follow" the right path, "fulfill" the mission set before you, and you will have chosen well.


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