Maybe the first question you might consider is, do you ever pray?

If you do, when was the last time you prayed? Was it when you were at church? Was it when you had a crisis? Was it when someone asked you to pray for them? Was it during an emergency situation? Do you have a particular time of the day you prefer to pray? A special place you like to be in to pray? Do you feel better after you pray? Do you feel like your prayers are ever answered? Do you feel it is actually worth it to pray? Have you ever asked someone to pray with you or for you? Do you pray just for your family or do you include others as well? Do you pray for our nation, our leaders, our military, our government officials, those serving our communities, our church leaders?

These are just "food for thought" questions that I find interesting to explore.

Have you ever thought of all the different places that Jesus went to pray? A solitary place, up on a mountain, in a garden, in a place of worship, in the wilderness, in private, in public. It seems that wherever He went, He prayed. Besides that, He prayed in all kinds of situations. For the lame, for the blind, for the sick, for the needy: whomever needed His prayers. Prayers were just part of His everyday life. He lived in constant communication with His Father in order to fulfill God’s will for His life. Prayer was the source of His strength, His power, His joy, His inspiration. If all of that was true for God’s son, then why shouldn’t it be the same for each of us?

In some ways, it seems surprising to think that prayer was even necessary for Jesus. After all, He was the Son of God, so why should He have to pray.

Prayer was necessary for Jesus during the days of His ministry on earth because He was truly human and shared wholly in our humanity, except He did not sin. Because He was human, He depended on the Father to communicate in prayer. He loved to pray. It was His lifestyle. He averted temptations, He gained victories, He was known as a man of prayer. He is now seated at the right hand of God the Father in order to make intercession for each of us. He loves hearing our prayers. He wants to answer our prayers. Why not talk to Him today? I’m sure He will be listening.

As this coming weekend is the Christians' time of celebration and praising God for Christ’s resurrection from the grave (known as Easter), let us all come before our Heavenly Father with grateful and thankful hearts for what He does for us each and every day. Why not make prayer a moment by moment part of your life?

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Audrey B. Unruh is a local columnist, who can be reached at zwiebach@charter.net.


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