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20 YEARS 1998

The last owner of the old Giessing Milling Company, Vernon Giessing passed away at Presbyterian Manor. In 1935, Giessing entered the filling milling business located on North Washington Street and worker there until the company closed in 1948. He then worked at another family owned mill, Farmington Milling Company on Ste. Genevieve Avenue until 1954.

The Farmington Bicentennial Air Show started without a hitch. But, just minutes into the show, Dewayne Upton, part of the three-plane Swift Magic Team, was performing a solo exhibition when his plane slammed into the runway. The crowd first thought the crash was a part of his act, which revolved around his plane supposedly being controlled by remote control. As Upton was flying at a low altitude without the landing gear down, the belly of his plane slammed into the runway and the propeller struck the runway. The 1,500 pound, all-metal plane bounced, then skidded to a stop at the far end of the runway.

Emergency personnel rushed to the scene and Upton went into the grandstand and made the announcement to the concerned crowd that he was all right and apologized for upsetting the air show schedule.

The Farmington Knightettes golf team was quite impressive in its inaugural season, led by champion Jessica Polus. Team members included Cassie Farris, Jamie Heisel, Jocelyn Yates and Polus, and coached by Steve Leyda. The team won the SMSU Tournament.

30 YEARS 1988

Sandra Cashion and Carole Sumpter opened the Old Village Store at 102 S. Jackson Street, Farmington providing crafters and antiquers with an alternative to craft shows, consignment shops or opening their own stores. The store had 83 booths and hanging spaces, rented to crafters and antiquers on a monthly basis.

Farmington Middle School students launched a school newspaper in Bill Bratberg's class. Bratberg and the 21 members of his eighth grade computer class took on the project of producing a school newspaper titled the “FMS Press.”

Some of the objectives of the Computer Class were to use the word processor to create documents and to work with the hardware in such tasks as transferring files. Creating the newspaper allowed them to carry out these objectives.

The students in class wrote their stories on Apple IIc computers with the Apple Works word processing program. They would transfer their files to the Apple MacIntosh computer where they used the Pagemaker desk top publishing program to lay out their pages and place their graphic art.

The decision was made by the Police Personnel Board to recommend a 30-day suspension for Farmington Police Chief Roland Trautman for his political activities in the June 10 press conference.

The board found Trautmen in violation of a second section of the police manual dealing with the use of the police chief’s official authority.

The section states that a “member of the (Farmington) police department may not use his official authority, position, or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of the election." The board based their decision based on his involvement with supporting sheriff's candidate Vernon Nelson by his involvement in his campaign by distributing fundraising tickets while on active duty. The board established that the June 10 press conference was chosen, “for the most part, to further the political ambitions of Vernon Nelson.”

40 YEARS 1978

Several area farmers boarded a chartered bus at the Farmington Production Credit Association office and traveled to Taylorville, Illinois. Those traveling from St. Francois County were Robert Vaugh, Clay English, Mrs. Bill Amsden, Mrs. Ralph Detring and Kevin, Bill Martin, Cecil Yoder, William Heineker, Roy Berghaus, Ronnie Sebastian, Harry Sebastian, Clifford Detring, Bill Wulfers, Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Patterson, Eugene Kollmeyer, and Bill Jokerst.

The show, organized by the publishers of Prairie Farmers magazine, consisted of displays and actual field demonstrations of livestock producing facilities.

To minimize damage and make letters more compatible with mail processing equipment, the US Postal Service set a new minimum size requirement for mailing letters which became effective in November 1978. The new minimum dimensions require that all mail one-fourth inch thick or less be at least 3 1/2 inches high, 5 inches long and 0.007 inch thick.

Football Homecoming Queen candidates were Kim Hall, Susan Rollens, Donna Hayter, and Belinda Boesch.

50 YEARS 1968

The seemingly unstoppable Knights kept their momentum alive as they crushed the Ste. Genevieve Dragons 39-0, for their 12th straight win. As previously, the Knight offense just couldn’t be stopped as they rambled over the Dragon line to score 19 points in the first quarter, and never found the need to punt except once in the first half.

Officials of St. Louis businesses and mining company representatives on a pleasure and business tour passed through the Farmington Airport. The group toured the mining areas to the south and traveled to the Lake of the Ozarks. Farmington-based planes were used in the transportation and points up again the increased use of the local airport. Runways were being extended at the airport to accommodate larger planes, a conference room was completed and new hangers were in the process of being built.

The Villager, Inc. a diversified apparel manufacturer and Endicott Johnson Corporation, one of the nation’s largest foot wear manufacturers announced an agreement in principle for the combination of the two businesses into Villager Industries, Inc.

60 YEARS 1958

Earl Blackwell was a Democratic candidate for State Senator from this district. Blackwell was born on a farm near Blackwell, St. Francois County, a town founded by his great-great-grandfather. The Blackwells were pioneers in this district

A new county motorcycle speedway had its grand opening and racers came from several states to compete for six big trophies. The new track was located just three miles east of Esther at the intersection of Highway O and Hillsboro Road. The new track was sponsored by the Vagebond Motorcycle Club of Southeast Missouri and the races were sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association.

Dugal's Supermarket held its grand opening celebrating the completion of their modernization. In celebration of their Diamond Anniversary, Dugal's, formerly known as the Klein Grocer Company, installed four Weber refrigerator cases, 12-foot frozen food cases, 12-foot open meat display, and a new bread and cake shelf. The market had delivery service to the home of their customers.

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