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The Help the Hungry Bake Sale is returning Nov. 17 at St. Joseph Catholic School in Farmington.

Since it began 12 years ago, the Help the Hungry Bake Sale has raised nearly half a million dollars for the Farmington Ministerial Alliance and St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantries.

Last year, the Help the Hungry Committee donated $35,000 each to the Farmington Ministerial Alliance and St. Vincent de Paul food pantries from proceeds of the bake sale, sponsorships and fundraising events.

There is a new booth featured at this year’s bake sale. In addition to the many pies, cakes, baked goods and breads offered, one group will have a table featuring delicious delectable treats with a healthy twist.

Julie Powers and Dawn Fuemmeler belong to a group called “Prevention Parkland” and, along with the members of the group, have a booth called “Healthier Holiday Treats” at this year’s bake sale.

“There are so many people now that have one (food ingredient) or another that they try to avoid,” Fuemmeler said. “I felt like being a part of our Healthy Living Revolution group (with what) we do…we promote to the community (healthy) eating and disease prevention” and that their booth should reflect as such.

The two said they wanted to give their support to the cause of the Help the Hungry Bake Sale and to give an option for those who may be looking for another option this holiday season.

Powers said their booth will feature “Healthier Holiday Treats” for those visiting the bake sale. The group is holding an event on Nov. 10 to prepare treats for the bake sale, including holiday protein balls.

“We’re going to ask people to make muffins, breads,” Powers said. “We’re testing the waters.”

Fuemmeler said those looking for such items would want to make sure to get to the bake sale early – as she believes the items will sell out with this being the first year for their table.

“I think we’ll sell out quickly, just because we don’t have that many people donating,” she said. “But, it will be a thing to build on.”

And, the two said the booth is the perfect opportunity for those hosting family who have special dietary needs or a specific diet choice.

“Maybe this isn’t your choice, but you have family coming in that is a little more conscientious about the healthy choices that they’re making,” Powers said. “Maybe this is something you want to take home for the holidays. That’s great.”

All the items at the booth will have the specific ingredients listed. And, both said due to the costs of the ingredients needed, prices at their booth may be higher than the others.

“It might be maple syrup,” Powers said, “or honey, or might have organic agave. It’s going to be different kinds of things.”

Fuemmeler said the booth is also about addressing those who may have allergy issues.

“That way, they can look at it and say, ‘well, I can’t have peanuts. I can have cashews’,” Powers said.

Both acknowledged their group looks to help the community make healthy food choices and hopes their booth can help get that started.

“It just starts a conversation,” Fuemmeler said. “If you try (the items), that could be a step.”

For more information on the booth, contact Powers at 760-5880 or Fuemmeler at 747-9078.

Read more about events planned for this year’s Help the Hungry Bake Sale in next week’s edition of the Farmington Press.

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