Kids came in pairs to twins' birthday party

This children's birthday party held 64 years ago may make you see double. Thanks to Lorene Kollmeyer for providing the Farmington Press this photo and story.

This week's Throwback Thursday is a little bit different than usual. Brought by the office last week by Lorene Kollmeyer, the article that accompanied the photo was so interesting that the Farmington Press is running both as they appeared in print 64 years ago. — Editor

An unusual birthday party was given Monday, May 16 when Mrs. Vernon Kollmeyer entertained six sets of twins and their mothers with a birthday party, honoring her 4-year-old twins, Tim and Kim. The afternoon was spent playing and visiting and taking pictures.

Two beautifully decorated cakes with four candles each, served as the centerpiece on the dining table. Each twin was served a cupcake holding a lighted candle. Ice cream and soda also were served. The twins ages were from 4 1/2 months to 4 1/2 years.

The following sets of twins were present: Tim and Kim, 4, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Kollmeyer; Jimmie and Jerry, 4 1/2, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dugal; Pat and Pam, 3 1/2, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Politte; Gail and Sandra, 22 months, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Overall Jr.; David and Daniel, 17 months, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Stewart; Tina and Mark, 4 1/2 months, daughter and son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baumgartner, all of Farmington. Also Linda and Glenda, 4 1/2, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tucker of Flat River.

Also present were Mrs. Frank Kollmeyer, grandmother of Tim and Kim, their brother, Terry and Bobby Politte, brother of Pat and Pam. The Overall twins are nieces of Mr. Vernon Kollmeyer. Mr. and Mrs. Stanly Overall Sr. are the grandparents of the Kollmeyer and Overall twins.

Tim and Kim were the recipients of many nice gifts.

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