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New FBC Pastor

Greg, Parker, Peyton and Penny Robinson pose for a photograph at the conclusion of the Sept. 9 service where Greg was called to be senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Farmington. The family moved to Farmington from Cleburne, Texas in October.

The route to Farmington, Missouri from Cleburne, Texas was as about as direct as one could be for Greg and Penny Robinson and their sons, Peyton and Parker.

Greg was called as the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Farmington in September this year.

Just blocks from their home in Cleburne was U.S. HIghway 67 - a direct route north to their new home.

“We were living … our house was not a mile away from 67 in Texas,” he said, noting it was a road he was on often. “When it was time for us to move, we literally drove those few blocks it took us from our house, got on 67 and didn’t get off until we arrived in Farmington.

“It was a direct line from where we were to where we were going.”

Robinson is coming in as pastor following the retirement of Dr. Bill Miller in 2016. Robinson was called by the Pastor Search Committee of the church after visits to Farmington by the couple.

He served as pastor of Bono Baptist Church in Godley, Texas for six years before accepting the call to FBC-Farmington. Before that, Robinson served as pastor at Bluff Dale Baptist Church in Bluff Dale, Texas and Sunnyside Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, Texas.

The Texas native was born in Ft. Worth and graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Vocal Performance) from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas in December, 2007. He received his Master of Divinity in December, 2015 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Greg and Penny met at Midwestern State and were married in December of 2002. He said they were impressed with the people of Farmington after feeling led to answer the call for the pastorate.

“Coming to Farmington, besides the fact we felt God was leading us here, we were so impressed with the people in town when we first came up here to visit,” he said. “(Farmington) looks like a town perfect for families and one trying to gear itself towards growth in the future - especially for young families.”

He said that was a draw for them with their two sons, ages 11 and 8.

“For the church, I feel that’s the same calling,” he said. “While we have a lot of long-time members of the church, we want to be the church that continues to reach families and be a staple in the Farmington community as it continues to grow” adding that’s one of his favorite parts of becoming pastor the church.

He noted the investment into the town of many in the community - those who grew up in Farmington and returned to raise their families - was of particular interest to himself.

“We want to see the church continue to grow with this town and just be an integral part of what happens here and what God does for Farmington,” he said.

Events following the call to Farmington further encouraged the couple. They were able to sell their home in Texas after only four hours on the market before he began as pastor the first weekend in October. His first sermon as senior pastor on Oct. 7 was titled “Moving Closer to Heaven on Highway 67.”

“God seem to put a green light on everything,” he said. “All those things taken care of. Not only where we live, but how it would go with the kids...we were worried and nervous about how they would react to a move since they had all their friends and family back in Texas, but they were on board much quicker than we anticipated than they would be and just love it.

Being native Texans, Robinson said their family was very supportive of their decision.

“All of our families have been very happy for us and supportive of us,” he said. “All these little things just along the way, God has provided for us and given confirmation...that this move was exactly the right thing for us, right thing for the church and His perfect timing.”

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