For the second year in a row, the Farmington School District held a special day to welcome new faculty and staff to the district and the city of Farmington.

“We spend a lot of time recruiting quality staff and faculty,” said Superintendent Matt Ruble. “So, I think it is important to take the time to get to know them and welcome them to district and the community.”

During the event, incoming staff and faculty were taken around the district and shown the different buildings, campuses and district facilities before being taken on a tour of the city.

“I think a day like this is very important,” Ruble said. “It gives them a chance to tour the different schools and the community and let them know they are a part of our learning family.”

In addition to the getting a tour of the district and the city, new hires are given time to take care of matters before the beginning of the next year’s school term.

“This is not only a great way to welcome are new teachers and staff, but a chance to get a lot of things out of the way,” said Stephanie Cabrera, the district’s administrative assistant. “I think this is a good addition. It gives them a chance to take care of a lot of administrative things before school starts and not be too overwhelmed by the process.”

One of the first things new hires are given is a district email account and password so they can access the computer system immediately.

“This makes things so much easier for our new faculty,” said Mindy Southern, the district’s Educational Technology Facilitator. “When I was hired, I had to do this two days before I started. This gives them a chance to process all the information that is given to them. They also will get an email address so they get familiar with our system.”

Present at this year’s meet and greet session were the district’s three new principals: Dustin Jenkerson, who will be taking the helm at middle school; Mark Phillips, who will be the new principal at Jefferson Elementary and Stacy Smith, who will be starting at Lincoln Intermediate.

In addition to being introduced to the vast amount of policies, procedures and computer programs, new hires did get a little advice from Heather Black, an ELA instructor at the high school was a new instructor last year.

“I came today to tell them they will survive,” Black said. “Since I was new last year, I offered them some advice and to welcome them to the district.”

For one new hire, the Farmington School system is very familiar. Maggie Kehoe, who will be joining the district as a special education instructor, is a Farmington High School class of 2013 graduate.

“It is a little strange,” Kehoe said. “I never thought I would be teaching at the high school.”

Although the new school year is still months away, the energy level and the excitement level about the new school year was already present.

“This school year went by very quickly,” Ruble said. “We will be wrapping the year up in just a matter of weeks, but we have a lot of energy here today. This is an awesome day and I can’t wait to see what next year has to offer.”

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Craig Vaughn is a reporter for the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-518-3629 or at cvaughn@farmingtonpressonline.com


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