With two first place finishes and one Award of Excellence, the Farmington School District had a good showing at the annual Mineral Area Council on the Arts K-12 Art Show held on May 6 at the Robert E Sechrest Sr. Field House.

“This is the best art show in the area, bar none,” said Michael Lamb, art instructor for Farmington High School. “It offers such a wide spectrum – from kindergarten to seniors in high school – a chance to get involved.”

According to Lamb, an art show likes this is exactly what students need to be successful.

“If students can’t be creative, whether it is through art, music, drama, whatever the case may be, they are not learning,” he said.

For one of Lamb’s students, this year’s art show will always hold a special place in her memories. Elina Hagemann, a Farmington High School senior, garnished a first place victory in the Drawing category for her color pencil drawing of a girl in glasses - a piece she never really thought about putting into the show.

“I saw a piece like this drawn by another artist, and I always wanted to draw it,” Hagemann said. “I didn’t even know it was going to be in the art show, Mr. Lamb said he really liked it and asked if he could put it in the show. I was very surprised when I saw that I had won.”

But what makes Hagemann’s story more interesting is the senior Knight isn’t even from the Farmington area. In fact, she isn’t even from this state or country. Hagemann is a foreign exchange student from Germany and will be returning home shortly after graduation.

“This is a very cool experience for me,” Hagemann said. “I really didn’t think I would do so well, especially since the show is so big.”

Hagemann wasn’t the only high school student to do well at the annual art show. Lauren King scored a first place victory in the Design Category, Emma Govreau brought home a second place ribbon in the Fiber Category, Alayna Berry scored a third place ribbon in the Painting Category and Annabell Caudill received a fourth place finish with her work in the Ceramics category.

“Our students who competed in this year’s art show have really made us proud,” said Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler. “They’ve represented both themselves and the school. Out of 1,700 entries, we placed five in the top five, and that represents a lot of hard work on both their parts and their instructors’ part.”

The high school students were not the only young artists to score victories at the MACOA annual event. Students from the middle school also put in a strong performance, especially eighth grader Hanna Spray whose self-portrait piece, inspired by famed American artist Roy Fox Lichtenstein, took best in show

“We have been pretty successful in years past,” said Kim Kennedy, the Farmington Middle School art teacher. “This has been our most successful thus far. Our students earned 13 ribbons. Typically our students earn six to 10, so we did better this year.”

One of Kennedy’s students, Hanna Spray, not only won a ribbon, she took home the Award for Excellence for her age group in color drawing.

“I didn’t expect to win,” Spray said. “I had three pieces entered, and I thought if any of my pieces would win, it wouldn’t have been this piece.”

In fact, when Spray came to the show, she had not been told her art work had been selected as the best in show. Kennedy was keeping it a surprise.

“I just walked in and saw it had won. I didn’t know it,” Spray said. “I was definitely surprised that I had won, and I am definitely very excited.”

In addition to her Best in Show, Spray also received a second place ribbon for her doodle art as well.

Other first place winners at the middle school were Claire Nickelson, first place finish in Photography; Miah Nolasco, first place doodle art; Gillian Cummins, first place finish in both drawing and painting and Abby Miller with a first place in ceramics.

Also taking honors at the show were Katie Harris, a second place medal in doodle art; Abbey Miller took second in ceramics; Sydney Boyer received a third place finish in print; Demi Boyd earned a third place in scribble art; Caleb Deason won a fourth place finish in photography and Alayna Sparr received a fourth place finish in turtle, a color pencil drawing.

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Craig Vaughn is a reporter for the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-518-3629 or at cvaughn@farmingtonpressonline.com.


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