My number one thought for the day is: “If at first you don’t succeed in correctly saving the article you’ve just written…. accept that the Pulitzer Prize piece is gone forever and is living happily ever after in never-never-to-return-land.”

My number two thought is: “Do NOT try to rewrite the piece you just lost. It will never happen!”

Taking this to heart, this week I’m going to share some of my favorite words of wisdom written by other authors.

The delightful book of Laurie Beth Jones’ own proverbs, “Grow Something Besides Old,” is chock-full of funny, insightful, inspiring and common-sense thoughts. Enough to get you through several days! Here are excerpts from a few of my favorite ones.

■ A kite is joy on a leash.

■ A flyer posted in a foreign country urged people to commemorate the feast day of a certain saint, extolling his many virtues. A rough translation of the flyer into English summarized the saint’s life saying: “After he died, he was immediately regretted by everyone.” My new benediction at meetings is “May you live to be regretted by everyone.”

■ Goodness is never lost it just mostly goes unclaimed.

■ Funny how a walk around the block can change your mood.

■ To flatter one’s self is to add mire.

■ Key to success: Find a niche—then scratch it.

■ I have felt God’s thumb on me—but never his fingernails.

■ This from Will Rogers: “There is no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.”

■ “Lay hold of something that will help you, and then use it to help somebody else.” Booker T. Washington

■ I’m not sure where this bit of wisdom came from: “A dog’s life lesson…be loyal, love, listen, and laugh with your whole body.”

I close with my own thought that often gets me through day’s like today: “I see my world through a haze of humor — but sometimes I have to tightly squinch my eyes to catch the punchline.”

A quick reminder that this is Homecoming weekend — the time of year when you realize how old you’ve become!

Several classes are having reunions, including the class of 1975. Keith Evans of Atlanta, Georgia, is coming back to his hometown for this and we’ve arranged for Keith and any of his teammates from the four years he played football and other sports at FHS, the cheerleaders, and former coach Jack Richardson to meet at the north end of the football field at 9 a.m. Saturday morning for about a half hour of taking photos for the Farmington Alumni Newsletter and the Farmington Press. Remember: No cleats, and no tackling or blocking allowed!

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