State Rep. Mike Henderson

Mike Henderson

With the passing of the budget we can turn our attention purely to getting bills approved by the end of next week. All bills must be Truly Agreed to by next week otherwise they will have to wait until next session and start over.

General Assembly Gives Final Approval to Balanced State Operating Budget (HBs 1-13)

This year our budget includes:


$300,00 for school safety grants across the state

$1 million of spending approved to make improvements to the Missouri School for the Blind

Funding of Missouri scholarships

The newly proposed workforce development scholarship, Fast Track, is funded at $10 million

$500,000 increase for A+ Scholarships

Nearly $1 million increase for Access Missouri Scholarships

$19.5 million increase to colleges and universities for ongoing operations

$18.9 million in funding for MoExcels higher education workforce development initiatives

$10 million is appropriated for the translational precision medical center to be built at the University of Missouri – Columbia

$1.8 million will go to Missouri Southern State University to help expand healthcare and STEM programs

$5.3 million increase to support adult high schools

$1.1 million increase to restore prior year cuts to aid public libraries

Infrastructure and Economic Development

As part of a larger compromise related to transportation spending, the General Assembly authorizes borrowing up to $301 million over a seven year period if enough federal INFRA grant funds are received to replace the I-70 bridge over the Missouri River at Rocheport (replacement costs projected at over $240 million)

$10 million for major water reservoir projects

$5 million in general revenue to match federal dollars for improving rural broadband infrastructure

$347,338 to initiate a new plant industries program (industrial hemp)

$17.35 million to fund the governor's One Start initiative for economic development and customized training

$300,000 for the brand new Missouri Military Community Reinvestment Program

The reorganization of the Department of Economic Development across DHE, DNR, DIFP, and lieutenant governor's office is transferred and funded

$13.5 million of Volkswagen settlement funds appropriated to clean air projects and grants

$10.4 million for port projects along Missouri rivers

$10.8 million in road funds to MoDOT for flood-related expenses, plus $6 million to the Department of Public Safety for flood-related expenses

Tourism funding is increased $4.7 million over FY19 funding


$5 million for alternatives to jail program for pre-trial electronic monitoring that will save counties and the state millions in prisoner per diem costs

$38.3 million appropriated as aid to counties to offset prison housing costs

$58 million in rebased rates for developmental disability providers to improve access to services

$1 million to start an Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) for autism

$153,000 to fund the Time Critical Diagnosis Unit

$15 million in savings generated by the consolidation of two prisons in Northwest Missouri

Savings achieved from the prison consolidation will fund critically needed salary increases that will help recruit and retain Department of Corrections personnel

$22 million of general revenue spending appropriated to pick up the loss of federal funds that previously supported critical mental health programs at certified community behavioral health clinics

1.5 percent rate increases to Medicaid providers (returning to FY17 reimbursement levels)

$5.5 million appropriated to fund Missouri’s presidential primary

$18 million in federal funds are appropriated for crime victims grants

$1.1 million to open two juvenile advocacy offices (one that is specific to St. Louis, the second that will operate statewide out of Kansas City) inside Missouri’s public defender system.

Senior Service Awards

The office of the Lt. Governor Mike Kehoe hosted its annual Senior Service Award on Monday, May 6th. Senior citizens are nominated based on their service and dedication to their communities. I had the honor of recognizing David Shaw of Desloge as one of the recipients of this award. There were over 60 senior citizens throughout the state who were recognized for their achievements. Congratulations David!

It is an honor to serve as your representative. Please feel free to contact our office with thoughts or concerns on state legislation and issues. Our phone number is 573-751-2317

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Rep. Mike Henderson, a Republican, represents St. Francois County, District 117, in the Missouri House of Representatives.


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