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The Fredericktown School District celebrated its 100th day of school Feb. 8. 

The main celebration took place at Fredericktown Elementary School where students spent the day doing art projects, dressing up and having snacks all in ways which related to the number 100. 

Students could be seen throughout the school dressed up in what they thought 100 year-old people dressed like. Attire such as suspenders, bow ties, curlers, drawn on mustaches and grey wigs were a common sight.  

While the students went on with their day using the number 100 in their lessons, the school office was turned into a workshop, with busy hands airing up 500 balloons to launch into the sky. 

At around 1:15 p.m., more than 440 elementary school students and nearly 60 staff members went out to the field, balloons in hand. The students of the month had the honor of counting down, and everyone released their balloons filling the sky with a rainbow of colors.

100 days of school

Hadley Boren (left) and Emerson Swinford head out to the field, ready to release their balloons.

Attached to each balloon was a note which said, "Fredericktown Elementary School celebrated the 100th Day of School with a balloon launch. We would like to see how far our 500 balloons travel. If you find this, please visit us at and leave a comment or call us at 573-783-3477."

Balloons were reportedly found as far away as Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 688 miles from the school and as close as in a tree next to the gym. There was also a report from Bowling Green, Kentucky, 214 miles away.

The students had a reason to celebrate, during the first 100 days students of FES earned 403 positive office referrals with 278 students receiving at least one.

With 68 days (as of Feb. 8) remaining in the school year, all R-I students are planning to finish the year off strong.

Superintendent Brett Reutzel said there have been many positive things going on throughout the district including Kelly A. Burlison Middle School receiving the Exemplary PLC Schools recognition and both the elementary and intermediate schools being recognized in the Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support publication. He also said he was proud of the entire district for all of the efforts and successes throughout the school year.

Fredericktown High School Principal Shannon Henson highlighted the FCCLA and JROTC when asked about the first 100 days. 

"We had FCCLA legislative job shadowing, where we saw a great performance by our students at the DECA competition," Henson said. "We also had great remarks for our JROTC on their three-year inspection."

Looking ahead Henson said students are excited about the upcoming Sweetheart Dance and JROTC Ball.

Students and staff are now 100 days smarter and 68 schools day away from summer break.

Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Democrat News. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or at


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