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Civil War Museum sign

The Fredericktown Police Department is investigating an incident which occurred Thanksgiving morning at the Battle of Fredericktown Civil War Museum.

According to a post on the museum's Facebook page, a few individuals entered the museum and took several items valued in excess of $6,000.

Site Administrator for the Battle of Fredericktown Museum Scott Bates said among the items taken were several guns, swords, a computer and printer and miscellaneous smaller items.

"We have strived to provide the community with an accurate interpretation of the events that took place during the Civil War as it pertains to the Battle of Fredericktown," Bates said. "Unfortunately, the break-in that occurred on Thanksgiving has hindered that service and has affected more than just the museum. It has affected our entire community."

Many people have expressed their anger on Facebook and the post has been shared 162 times.

"The incident is currently under investigation," Fredericktown Police Chief Eric Hovis said. 

Bates has started a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money for a security system for the facility.

"Due to the recent tragedy on Thanksgiving, we are in dire need of revamping the Museum's security system," Bates said on the fundraiser page. "We are clearly in need of video surveillance and display alarms."

Bates went on to say, "As we seek to recover these items, the security of these and any new artifacts are of the utmost importance. The duty of the preservation of our history belongs to all of us. We will do the work, we simply ask for your financial support."

He said any money raised through the fundraiser will be applied toward video surveillance equipment and the security of artifacts on display. All information concerning donations can be coordinated through Bates at 573-705-0422 or

If you have any information, contact the Fredericktown Police Department at 573-783-3660


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