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  • WD: R&L Investments of Fredericktown to Rodney Matthews & wife
  • Ben Deed: Rodney Matthews & wife to Rodney Lynn Matthews & wife Trust
  • WD: Gary T Fields & wife to Todd R Smith & wife
  • WD: R&L Investments of Fredericktown to Aaron Maize
  • WD: Aaron D Moore & wife to Paul Bingham Gilmore
  • WD: Genaro Fraire & wife to David Lee Hovis III Et al
  • WD: David Nusman & wife to John L Boone & wife
  • WD: Clubb Properties LLC to Douglas Bishop
  • WD: Allen W Gallatin & wife Et al to Madison County Wood Products Inc
  • WD: Cynthia L Chaffin to Troy Earl Cureton Trust
  • Ben Deed: Preston Chipman to Cary Morrison
  • Ben Deed: Brenda Millard to Amy Sell Et al
  • Ben Deed: Mary Ann Kennedy to Michael Lee Morris II
  • QC: Troy Dunnahoo & wife to Troy Dunnahoo, Et al
  • WD: R&L Investments to Glen E Morrow & wife
  • WD: Kranjec Ventures, Inc to Guffey Properties LLC
  • Trustee's Deed: Christina Tiefenauer by Trustee to Jason Roney & wife

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