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Kerry Stevens

Local artist Kerry Stevens will be the featured artist at The Gallery in Marquand for March, April and May.

Provided by Denny Ward

Local Artist Kerry Stevens will be the featured Artist at The Gallery in Marquand for March, April and May.

Stevens, a native of Fredericktown, is a graduate of Fredericktown High School, Mineral Area College, and set to graduate with her Bachelors from UMSL in 2019.

Art appreciation, creativity and her spiritual connection to our universe have all played a role in developing her unique style and artistic objectives.

“I like to seek the spirit of the natural world using it as a catalyst for my art,” Stevens said. “I focus on the eco-psychology and our need to prioritize nature in everything we do. It’s Magical Realism… an inner part of me that connects and understands the importance of nurturing our eco-system and fiercely protecting it from the encroachment of big-box and the mindlessness of man.”

Profound in thought, and prolific in communicating her imagery and message, Kerry works in many mediums. One of her favorites is block print making. A tedious task where one relief carves an image into wood or engraves into metal then applies color to bring the carving to life as a print. The magnificent results bring life into the imagery, and substance into the message, as one will see in this exhibit.

Stevens is also no stranger to pen and ink, watercolor, multi-media presentation, colored pencil, or charcoal. Driven from real-life events, experiences and the common person, her work could be portrayed as bold and convicting, with subtle undertones that are so real they require reverence and soul searching.

“Come with an open mind, and leave with a deeper understanding, should always be one’s expectations when viewing my work,” Stevens says.

Kerry is always eager to learn more… see more… know more… and relate on a higher level to those around her. She participates in the Cherokee Street Print Bazaar in St. Louis, and was recently nominated, and won, an all-expense paid trip to New York City where she will have the opportunity to interact with world renowned galleries, museums and studios.

A Meet the Artist Reception will be held 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., March 10, 2018, at The Gallery’s new home inside Marquand City Hall. Refreshments will be provided. For further information, please contact Denny Ward at: 573-561-6279. This event is sponsored in part by MACAA and MAC.


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