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Madison Countians cast their votes at the armory (above) and at Marquand City Hall, April 3.

Alan Kopitsky, Democrat News

The voters of Madison County have spoken, and in a five-person race for two spots on the Fredericktown R-I School Board, the incumbents held on to their positions.

The vote totals April 3 were as follows: Richard Allgier, 664 votes; Xandra (Sandy) Sonderman, 628 votes; Melissa Kline, 424 votes; Brandon Thomas Greene, 330 votes; and Brandon Scott Hale 279 votes.

The Madison County Health Department Proposition passed with 741 yes votes and 659 voting no.

The Madison County Health Department Board of Trustees asked voters to consider a proposition for a property tax increase of 15 cents per $100 of assessed valuation. The department's current rate of 10 cents was established in 1949. The current rate of 10 cents will provide an estimated revenue of $115,579 for 2018 and with the added 15 cents, the additional revenue for 2019 would be an estimated $173,369.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff, we would like to thank the citizens of Madison County for passing this tax question,” Madison County Health Department Administrator Becky Hunt said. “We look forward to placing your funding back into your family’s health. As we plan for the additional funding we will receive in January 2019, we welcome your suggestions and thoughts as our board of trustees guides us through addressing our building capacity needs and the implementation of effective chronic disease prevention programs.

Hunt said the current health department facility was originally built in 1967 with a two story addition added in 1976.

"The additional funds will not be collected until January 2019 and the first item that will need to be addressed is the building capacity," Hunt said. "This will take at least 18 months. The cost of adding to the building is around 1.5 million dollars so options such as moving to an existing building that would be a single level for cost effectiveness are being considered. The estimated cost to add the Chronic Disease prevention program at current rate is $85,000."

Hunt said after those two items are addressed the funding will be used to maintain the chronic disease prevention program and the building as well as provide the ability to enhance program interventions in chronic diseases and conditions.

The Madison County Use Tax failed 855 (voting no) to 517 (voting yes).

“With more and more internet sales, Madison County is losing a lot of potential revenue and this is just going to get worse as online sales increase,” Madison County Presiding Commissioner Bob Mooney said Tuesday. "It hurts your small brick and mortar stores, because they have to charge tax, and it is an unfair disadvantage for them.”

The use tax would have added a 1.5 cent local tax to the state use tax.

In the City of Marquand, Bob Roe defeated Incumbent Mayor Denny Ward 32-14.

The R-VI School District's "Proposition Kids" passed. The proposition required a four-sevenths (57.1 percent) majority. It received 110 yes votes and just 39 no votes, passing with more than 73 percent.

"The Marquand-Zion Board is asking for $340,000 so we can pay for it without a tax increase," Marquand-Zion Superintendent Scott Blake said prior to the proposition's passage. 

Asking for more than the $340,000 would result in asking for a tax increase.

"This is essentially an extension of the bonds we already had," Blake said. "Taxes will not increase they will just continue the way they have been."

Blake said, with passage of the proposition, the bond payoff date will be March 1, 2033.

The passage will allow the district to sell bonds to allow for major renovations to the school. The following improvements have been proposed in order to improve the facilities and safety of the district:

• Add a fence between the high school and new gym.

• Put fencing around the playground and buildings.

• Upgrade the exterior camera system.

• Install an interior camera system.

• Make repairs to the old gym floor.

• Paint the new gym.

• Renovate the weight rooms into locker rooms.

• Renovate flooring in gym/concession stand areas.

• New roof on the middle school and elementary school buildings.

• New retaining wall between the field and parking lot.

• Replace the main parking lot.

For the Madison Medical Center Board of Trustees, Incumbent Kent Marler defeated Brandon Tull, 917-362.


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