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Now that the yearly holiday seasons and celebrations are past (how quickly they seem to have come and gone!), each of us has an entire timetable ahead of us to fill as we see fit.

I received a new planning book as one of my gifts this year, and I am already starting to fill in the monthly pages. Birthdays, graduations, doctor and dental appointments, and so it goes.

There are always certain obligations that are required and everyone has those. But as we begin to think about the months ahead, do we take time to fill in added times we can spend with family?

It takes discipline and organization to develop new habits; they say a new habit can be made or broken in one week. That’s not really much time to try and add to or change our lives, but you never know how it will impact someone.

Your children will never forget the memories of their childhood. Have you forgotten your’s? How about serving others in the community on a regular basis?

Our gift of our time and talents might be the very things someone needs to inspire them. You don’t need a college education to reach out and spend a few moments with others. Don’t you like it when someone recognizes you and visits a little while?

Have you included more reading, studying, quiet relaxing time, praying more? Everyone is busy! Some more so than others with jobs, schooling, etc., yet we must decide where our priorities lie and go from there.

If it is me first, work, play, extra tv or video games, then when we are stressed to the limit, so be it.

I dare say many a doctor has told their patients "You need to slow down."

Many of the physical symptoms and problems we have in our society today are the result of our own decision making. Let’s start off this New Year making better individual choices, spending more time with others, appreciating the God given beauty around us, and using every opportunity we have to be a blessing to others.


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