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When we were children, we envisioned all sorts of heroes being part of our lives.

We read about them in comic books and thought maybe we could emulate them ourselves, such as a couple of my older brothers did by swinging from tree limb to tree limb trying to be Tarzan. Of course not realizing the branches they were using were poison ivy. Now if that wasn’t a mess my mother had to deal with later.

Others, we saw in movies and even tried some of their stunts which resulted in bruises, cuts, broken arms, etc.

Everyday heroes were used by companies to advertise all types of products; anything from cereal, to soap, to cleaning supplies. You name it, they were before us. Billboards, newspapers, magazines, fliers all were constantly pushed before us in hopes that we would buy their products. I believe today the ads are even more intense because of television, cell phones, computers, and video games. You can’t even just pull up the latest news items on your phones without there being some kind of advertisements plastered before you. It’s all an easy way to get our minds focused on something else rather than the more important issues in life.

Have we forgotten the true heroes in our country and lives? How often have you heard a successful athlete or business person give credit and thanks for the loving parent or grandparent that helped them through their difficult times? How many lives have been spared because of a fireman or police officer who went over and above the call of duty to rescue someone? How many doctors and nurses have worked hours past their appointed work schedule in order to help save lives? How many of us truly appreciate and think of the privileges and opportunities we enjoy because of the millions who have served our country over and over again?

I’m afraid we tend to forget and take so much of our good fortune for granted. If or when you might ever visit another country, I believe you will return to the United States of America with a renewed appreciation for the sacrifices that have and are being made in order for us to live as we do.

Are we perfect? No. Have we done everything correctly? No. Do we make mistakes? Of course. We are humans. But try to dwell on all of the good and wonderful things and those who have accomplished them. Work to change the wrongs, continue to appreciate and praise those that succeed, and pray that each of us does our part to be the heroes in our families, our communities, our state, and our nation.

Thank you Lord for all of the heroes that surround us and for you Veterans, a special thanks and Happy Veterans Day. We owe you.


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