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Dear Abby

DEAR ABBY: A close friend and I usually take a girls' trip once a year -- a long weekend at the same place. We drive there because it's clo… Read more

Sense & Sensitivity

DEAR HARRIETTE: I understand, as an African American, that supporting black-owned businesses is a must in the community. However, it is dif… Read more

Ask The Dcotors

DEAR DOCTOR: I read that New York recently banned something called activated charcoal from all food and beverages. What is that, and why on… Read more

Dear Abby

TO MY READERS: I wish you all a very Happy Easter. -- LOVE, ABBY Read more

Sense & Sensitivity

DEAR HARRIETTE: While doing some spring cleaning, I have come across quite a few nice clothing items that I forgot I had. I haven't worn th… Read more

Ask The Doctors

DEAR DOCTOR: We're used to hearing about the measles outbreaks that happen in areas where parents have refused to let their kids get childh… Read more

Commentary: Now, Congress will pick up where Mueller left off

The end of the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and the release of the redacted version of his report, mean that President Trump is far from "totally exonerated" and that the action moves to Congress. But the conclusion of the inquiry leaves a series of difficult choices for both House Democrats and Senate Republicans, including whether to impeach and remove the president. ... Read more

Commentary: NRA members, this should be an eye-opener for you

At the moment you could almost - almost - pity the National Rifle Association. Nah, you can't. But the front group for the U.S. gun industry is certainly in an awkward situation. Several, actually. A new report by the Trace (a nonprofit news site covering gun issues) and the New Yorker relies on records and interviews to detail an organization that seems to be hemorrhaging money from the top ... Read more

Commentary: How not to obstruct justice

There are many ways to understand special counsel Robert Mueller's long-anticipated report. It confirms, for anyone left doubting, that Russia did indeed meddle in the 2016 election. It did not find evidence showing that President Donald Trump and his associates engaged in any criminal conspiracy with Russia in their meddling. And it suggests reasonable legal minds can differ on whether the ... Read more

Commentary: Assange's exit buys Ecuador goodwill but no deliverance

To sympathizers and celebrity boosters, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, whose extended furlough inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London ended in handcuffs this month, is a legend and a maligned whistleblower. To hear it from his hosts, he was the guest from hell. For the last six years and 10 months, Ecuadoran embassy officials claimed they put up with the Australian hacktivist's tantrums, ... Read more

Commentary: Not a level playing field

The world of sports over the last 30 years has often been a sea of negative trends around excessive emphasis on money and an indifference to fans. The biggest positive development that I've seen is the growing participation and competition open to girls at the college, high school, and elementary school levels. We are living in a time when female athletes are setting records and pushing one ... Read more

Commentary: How did Sanders say that with a straight face?

Now that's funny. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has never found a fact she couldn't twist, denied Friday morning that there's a culture of lying at the White House. I know, I know, hilarious! But please, people, try to get a hold of yourselves. Sanders, of course, works for what is undoubtedly the most mendacious of the 45 presidents in U.S. history. Through March, the Washington Post's Fact ... Read more

Commentary: Gleeful Democrats pulled off the perfect tax scam

"Nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success, but progressive groups did a really good job of convincing people that Trump raised their taxes when the facts say a clear majority got a tax cut," Vox senior correspondent Matthew Yglesias tweeted April 8. Let me get this straight. Yglesias admits that Democrats misled the American people about the Republican tax cut ... Read more

Commentary: Musical sounds gone forever

Like so many on Monday, I tuned in to the news of the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. As others watched flames consume a place of devotion, a symbol of resistance through revolution or an architectural marvel, as a medieval music historian, I mourned for the unrecorded sounds that will now never be heard again. For more than 100 years beginning in the late 12th century, some of the ... Read more