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Sansoucie Cantrell

Hannah Sansoucie and Michael Cantrell rehearse their roles in the first of three plays in "Life, Love and Loss," titled "Moments."

Central's Rebel Theatre Troupe will bring a series of special performances to the high school stage this week.

"Love, Loss and Life: An Evening of One Acts: will be performed Thursday and Saturday at 7 p.m. at Central High School’s auditorium. Tickets at the door will be $5 for general admittance and $3 for students.

Troupe Director Jamie Weiss said the performances will present a new format for the troupe, with three shorter stories being performed each night.

“This year’s production is actually made up of three one-act plays,” Weiss said. “We call our production ‘Love, Loss and Life: An Evening of One Acts.’ All of the productions together have to do with themes of love, loss and life.”

Weiss said the three plays all take place in New York City, but are otherwise disconnected except for their similar themes. To make the performances even more interesting, each of the one-act plays are directed by students of the troupe.

“I’ve just got some really good kids and I threw the idea out there and they latched onto it,” Weiss said. “I’ve been very, very impressed with these kids and what they can do.”

The first play tells the story of two stranger on a subway train who make a fleeting connection.

“The first one is called, ‘Moments,’” Weiss said. “It takes place in a subway train and two strangers meet and kind of make a connection in a moment. But because their lives are going different directions, basically, they can’t carry it on.”

"Moments" is directed by Yancy McCarron and features Michael Cantrell as Wayne and Hannah Sansoucie as Anne.

The second play will focus more heavily on the theme of loss, and is called "A New York Minute."

“This one is about two friends,” Weiss said. “Harry has committed suicide and Jasmine comes back to his apartment after the funeral. He appears to her, posthumously, to help her understand what’s going on. And also, in order for him to move on he has to help her move on.”

"A New York Minute" is directed by Haley Francis and features Andrew Wyrick as Harry and Jasmine Jackson as Melissa.

The third play, titled "Labor Pains," focuses on the themes of life and love, with touches of loss.

“That one is about a young, married couple,” Weiss said. “Emily is ripe and ready to have a baby and it’s about how they are dealing with their fears of their relationship changing, and whether they’ll be good parents or not.”

"Labor Pains" is directed by Mikayla Watkins and features Will King as Robert and Stephanie Declue as Emily.

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