The United States Army's Musical Outreach Program visited a few area schools this month to put on a concert featuring current popular songs.

The band, which consists of three members, was at Central High School in Park Hills last week. The band tours 265 days a year performing about 120 shows Coast to Coast. The goal of the program is, not only to entertain audiences, but to create a citizen connection and awareness of the Army and the many opportunities it offers.  

The Army’s musical program, based out of Fort Knox, has been in place for 13 years. However, this particular group has only been playing together since November of last year.

Members of the band are active Army members who have auditioned and interviewed to be part of the nominative assignment. An assignment to the band generally lasts about three to four years.

The current band is named “As You Were” and they perform mostly popular music covers in front of schools, colleges, music festivals, and other audiences.

They do perform original tracks as well with a full album, comprised of original content, coming out at the end of the summer.

On lead vocals, and playing guitar for the music trio, is Sgt. Tom Katsiyiannis. Staff Sgt. Ryan Kaluza plays the drums and playing bass is Staff Sgt. Chris Cabrera.

“This group is kind of like a hidden gem,” said Katsiyiannis. “...We’re trying to change people’s perceptions about what this group is and let people know about it.”  

Running the program for the Army, along with everything behind the scenes, is Sgt. First Class Thomas Staudacher. His duties include running the lights and monitoring sound for the performances along with a large number of other things.

The group has also performed at Potosi High School and will continue making stops at high schools, colleges, and festivals on their community outreach tour across the United States.  

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