The city of Park Hills has started a tradition that they hope will continue on in the coming years. Columbia Park has been lit up for Christmas, with the intention of spreading holiday cheer throughout the city.

Park Hills Mayor Daniel Naucke had asked the city council to create a winter wonderland in the local park, and they did not disappoint. From classic Christmas tree displays and lit-up reindeer to penguins enjoying a night by the river, the Columbia Park light show should have something that everyone can enjoy.

During a city council meeting held Tuesday, City Administrator Mark McFarland thanked everyone who had worked on setting up the lights.

Everyone had a lot of fun putting it together, he said, and he hears that the public finds it just as fun to experience.

The light display is free to the public. 

The mayor also bragged on the light display, saying that it has brought something to Park Hills that it has not had for a long time. He added that many people had mentioned how happy they were with the park.

While McFarland mentioned some of the technical issues that they have had with the display this year, he is confident that those are issues that can be learned from and fixed in the coming years.

The light show will be available in Columbia Park from 5-10 p.m. every night up until a week after Christmas.

It is free to the public, and everyone is encouraged to witness a bit of holiday cheer by visiting the display.

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