Hidden along the outskirts of Bonne Terre is a country getaway and a venue rolled into one for all kinds of events.

Turkey Holler Bed and Breakfast was established in December of 2016 by John and Karon Murphy of Bonne Terre.

For more than 30 years John and Karon have resided together in Bonne Terre, and they transformed their barn on their property into a bed and breakfast "with all the comforts of home."

Later on they took the transformation a step further by opening the barn up for events like weddings, showers and birthday parties.

“When we originally built the barn, we really weren’t thinking of that [having the bed and breakfast],” said Karon. “Our son gave us the idea of putting a bed and breakfast up on top in the loft area, so we did.”

For the bed and breakfast side of the business, Karon says she thinks many people come to stay at Turkey Holler because it is tucked away from the busyness of life and offers people peace and quiet.

“We have had guests from all over the United States. Our last one came from New Jersey to scuba dive in the Mines, and a lot of people actually come out for that reason,” said Karon. "A lot of couples and families come from all over the United States, but they all come for our hiking trails.”

“Our trails and parks around here are well known because people come from Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi just to name a few,” continued Karon.

Karon recalled their first guest in December of 2016 was a girl from Chicago who had family in St. Charles she was visiting, and at the time she wanted a quiet place to stay.

Their son also gave them the idea to convert the lower part of the barn as a venue for weddings, showers and parties of all kinds.

The barn has been turned into a beautiful, landscaped area that can accommodate 25 to 150 guests.

“It has been fun,” said Karon. “We have beautiful brides and fun birthday parties.”

The venue is filling up quickly for this year, and the months of September and October are already booked.

“Having the venue has been something that we have learned along the way, and we have learned a lot of things,” said Karon. “Luckily, not the hard way.”

The upper part of the barn functions as the bed and breakfast, and the lower part of the barn and outdoor area functions as the venue. The bed and breakfast and venue are never booked at the same time out of respect for the customer.

The bed and breakfast includes basic amenities, an indoor fireplace and trails along the property. There is also a small pond where guests can fish.

The venue setting extends from the inside of the barn to the outside.

“I really enjoy meeting all the new people who stay with us or use our property for their special day,” said Karon. “It is a lot of fun.”

For more information or questions about Turkey Holler or booking interest visit http://turkeyholler.com/ or the Turkey Holler Facebook page, or reach out via email at theturkeyholler@gmail.com.

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