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A Gypsy music band called Fishtank Ensemble will perform at Bauhaus Kaffee on Tuesday.

It will be an all-ages show. The show will be at 6:30 p.m. at Bauhaus, which is located on 9 North Jefferson in downtown Farmington. Tickets are $5 to $10.

Members of the California based-band are Fabrice Martinez, Ursula Knudson, Douglas Smolens, and Djordje Stijepovic. 

“We all met at a performance space called the Fishtank,” said Ursula, an opera-trained singer who plays the saw. “It had lots of windows, so passers-by could peer in on the activities inside like a fish bowl.”

They then spent the weekend learning an entire repertoire of Romanian folk music. They quickly got a local gig and called themselves “Fishtank.”

Fabrice is a fiddler who travels Europe in a mule-drawn caravan collecting and playing folk music with the group Croque Mule. Originally from France before living in the caravan, his special love is Romanian folk music. He also plays Gypsy, Hungarian, Swedish, and many other kinds of music. 

Also traveling with the Croque Mule caravan, Fabrice’s wife, Ursula, is classically trained in voice and violin. Self-taught on the saw, she won second place in the 2004 International Saw Festival. She sings beautifully in Romanian, French, Japanese, and sometimes even in English, her native tongue. 

Doug is an accomplished Flamenco guitarist, producer and composer. Performing as "el douje," his album “Worlds Collide” is a mixture of traditional and modern styles, from 'jondo' flamenco to modern day world fusion/drum and bass/techno.

Djordje, the bass player, was a member of leading world music bands in Serbia like Shira Utfila (Sephardic), Kal (Balkan gypsy) and Marsya (Balkan). He finished classical music conservatory and department for jazz arrangement and bass. Djordje performs solo (world music/jazz), provides his signature slap for rockabilly band Atomic Sunset, Deke Dickerson, Slim Jim Phantom (from Stray Cats), Lemmy (from Motorhead) etc. and plays with other bluegrass, Cajun, jazz, blues and other type of bands.

Their latest album, “Woman In Sin” was released in May. For more information visit


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