A local musician has had a Mother's Day song she wrote back in the '90s go worldwide on a music podcast that focuses on female artists.

Dr. Lisa Long, a Farmington chiropractor and lifelong musician, composed the song "A Mother's Love" about her mother. It is included in the Women of Substance Radio and Podcast. Although Long originally wrote the song decades ago, some music industry professionals were impressed enough with the timeless message to bring it back for an encore.

“I wrote the lyrics and music and arranged it,” she said. “I recorded it at the Master’s Touch Studio in Knob Lick. I wanted to do something simple, lay down my piano track and do something real simple.”

Long spends a lot of time honing her craft and studying all aspects of music performance. Watching a seminar online led to a chain of events that ended with the broadcasting of her song.

“I was on Facebook one day," she said. "I ran across this woman who was putting on some type of seminar on how to get bookings. She had a way of helping those who have trouble getting bookings. I do not have trouble getting bookings, but I thought I would learn some things anyway.

"I took her free seminar and then a couple of days later she suggested that those who attended her seminar listen to Bree Noble’s Female Musicians Academy, where she has courses for just female artists.

“I signed up for her newsletter, and a couple of months ago she put something on there about how her Women of Substance (WOS) Radio was looking for songs about mothers. I thought, 'I have a song I wrote back in 1993. I need to rewrite it and do some things with it. I’ll submit my song.' The review board there at WOS Radio approved it and that’s how it got on that podcast.”

Since the song was written 26 years ago, some of the details for the inspiration of the song are lost in time, however, Long stressed that how she feels about her mother has not changed.

“I know I wanted to give a Mother’s Day gift to my mother at that time,” she said. “I came up with the song and a year later I thought I had it pretty much where I wanted it. I presented to her in 1994 and then I filed it away. Then I pulled it out of the file recently when I saw they needed a mother’s song. It’s my opportunity to rewrite this and put it out there.

“It really comes from my heart — the way that my mom has affected me throughout my life in such a positive way. Based on this song, she’s my encourager ... my supporter. Everything you hear in this song is pretty much about my mom.”

A recent post from a friend helped plant the seed for Long to think seriously about performing “A Mother’s Love” as part of her professional act.

Long said, “What’s fascinating to me — I had seen a friend on Facebook — she was kind of my inspiration to submit this song. She was the choir leader in high school. I played for her for four years in high school as her pianist, for the choir and jazz band. She was on there talking about her mother — how much her mother meant to her — and it wasn’t long after that, Bree Noble started asking for mother songs. Knowing Pam and how much she loved her mother, I thought I really should do this and express to people how much I care about my mother.”

Long explained that she has a unique solo act offering a blend of music for listening and dancing. She performs several genres of music including country, classic rock, blues, soft rock, easy listening, oldies, jazz standards and Christmas music. Visitors can contact Long and see her schedule of events, as well as a list of songs she performs at her website, lisalongsings.com.

Long's performance of “A Mother’s Love” can be found at wospodcast.com. It is podcast #952.

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Mark Marberry is a reporter for the Farmington Press and Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3629, or at mmarberry@farmingtonpressonline.com.


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