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Passion for painting
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Passion for painting


It was a simple Pinterest project that started her passion for painting.

Chloe Robinson, 23, was painting flowers on a canvas bag for the first time when she realized how much she enjoyed the process.

From that canvas bag, Robinson’s creativity blossomed into a love for painting.

“I actually had no idea that any passion for painting would sprout from that little project,” she said.

Seven months later, Robinson has completed nearly 50 projects. Her goal is to complete something each week.

“I have been humbled by the kind words people say about my art,” she said. “It’s definitely still a huge work in progress and I still have a lot to learn, but the positive feedback has been very encouraging.”

Robinson has been interested in art for as long as she can remember. When she was a toddler, she played dress-up in costumes and loved to doodle. Throughout the years, she drew in her notebooks.

In third grade, she entered a t-shirt design contest at the last minute and won.

Robinson said taking ballet classes for 16 years also encouraged her love of art.

“The beauty of classical music paired with the graceful movements of the body really helped stir my creativity,” she said.

Robinson credits her love of art to her ballet instructor and mentor, Kimberly Gavin Anderson.

“She taught my classmates and me to value the beauty in everything around us and within us,” she said.

Robinson said she has also had her “fair share of watching good ’ole Bob Ross on YouTube.”

She has a few favorite ways to currently express art, including fashion, ballet and painting.

Robinson, a 2016 graduate of Farmington High School, said her faith, family and strength are huge components of her art. She is the daughter of John and Shawnna Robinson.

“My family has been incredibly supportive of my art journey,” she said. “Their support has been a big driving factor for me. They ask me all the time about different projects I can make for them.”

When she paints, Robinson said her mind is at ease from the hustle and bustle of life.

“There’s nothing like sitting down with a glass of wine, lighting a candle, putting on my headphones and expressing myself on canvas for a few hours,” she said.

Robinson enjoys painting things which she finds beautiful. Nature is also a focus of her art. Several of her paintings reflect Pacific Northwest themes from when she lived in Washington for a few years.

“I definitely miss the unique beauty of that area,” she said, “and I like to pay homage to it.”

Robinson also believes each person has been gifted with a talent.

“It is our responsibility to use it and share it with others,” she said.

She said she would not be the person she is today without her faith in Christ.

“I use my art to give my thanks to God because he has pulled me out of some dark times so I give him the glory,” she said.

One of her favorite things to paint is clouds.

“The reason I paint so many cloud pictures is because of my love for air travel,” she said.

Aside from the mountains, she said she feels closest to God at the window seat of an airplane.

“Every time you fly on an airplane, the sun always shines,” she said, “always, even when there are storm clouds raging beneath you.”

She said that sunshine is a personal reminder that no matter how gloomy times may seem for someone, “God’s love and promises will always be shining on and no storm can ever separate his promise.”

Robinson said painting clouds is her way to express that.

Another piece of art which she completed was a painting of Moses parting the Red Sea. This was a Christmas gift for her dear grandparents Chuck and Ardie Henson.

“Sometimes the waves of life look so intimidating that we as humans fear they may swallow us whole,” said Robinson. “However, when we shift our focus ahead on Christ, nothing is impossible.”

She’s currently in the process of setting up an Etsy shop. For those unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s an online platform for artists and crafters. In the meantime, Robinson’s fans can follow her on Facebook and Instagram at ChloRo Fine Art. She posts pieces for sale and some just for show.

For now, people can send her messages or comment under pieces of art to purchase them. She is able to ship any pieces anywhere in the U.S.

Robinson is also looking forward to featuring her art at different events and area craft shows.

“I grow and improve as an artist by painting constantly,” she said. “The more I paint, the more I see what techniques I do and don’t like.”

She also has a sketchbook to help with this process.

In five years, Robinson hopes to see herself as a more experienced traveler and completing her bachelor’s degree.

“I have a few things in mind,” she said, “and I am dreaming big!”

Pam Clifton is a contributing writer for the Daily Journal


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