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Travel channel will feature local mine

Travel Channel Producer/Director Aaron Schwartz films St. Louis duo in The Mine at Bonne Terre this past June for a mini-series on the Travel Channel, which will air Monday morning at 9 a.m.

The Mine at Bonne Terre will be featured on the Travel Channel’s mini-series “Top Secret Swimming Holes” Monday at 9 a.m.

This episode, titled “Japan’s Ogawa Falls,” features swim holes in Portugal, Arizona, Mexico, Greece, Italy, Georgia, Japan, Missouri, Hawaii, Argentina, and Brazil.

The Travel Channel was at the mine filming for the segment in June and they promote the series as being on a mission to uncover the world's most secluded, sexy and extreme natural places to cool off.

“We'll hike, climb, boat and even dog-sled our way around the globe to track down 10 perfect pools per week,” according to Travel Channel. “From a crystal blue 100-foot waterfall buried deep in an Arizona Indian Reservation to the ancient Mayan underwater caves of Mexico to the country's oldest commercial quarry in Vermont to the only place on Earth where you can share your swim with a manatee, 'Top Secret Swimming Holes' gives you the keys to unlock the adventure of a lifetime.”

The Mine at Bonne Terre Owners Doug and Catherine Goergens are excited to have the opportunity to be featured on the Travel Channel’s mini-series with so many other notable places in the world.

Travel Channel Producer/Director Aaron Schwartz said the show is an hour long and there are 10 locations per episode, which are swimming locations from all over the world.

“A lot of shows on locations like this will show just the location,” said Schwartz. “The difference here is we follow an adventure of a cast/a group of friends. This one is actually a father and son we are following and filming. This is their first time here and we are capturing their whole adventure.”

Schwartz said they usually film a group of two to five people and follow from the time they get up until they finish their water adventure.

“We will film them waking up, having breakfast and document the whole journey,” said Schwartz. “We use the drone to follow the car the whole way and have a GoPro camera in the car, we film everything.”

The mine was also recently named in USA Today’s 50 state bucket list destinations and readers of USA Today 10Best voted the underwater attraction in Bonne Terre as the best in the nation.

Listed at the number one spot to see in Missouri, the description reads: “Although a flooded former lead mine might not sound like a bucket list destination, you’ll want to add Bonne Terre Mine to yours. Take a tour of the mine ($27) which includes both walking and boating segments. Abandoned wooden catwalks hang overhead, and ore carts and mining equipment are visible through the clear waters. Scuba divers have an opportunity for an even more fascinating perspective diving in the now-flooded caverns containing the abandoned mine operation.”

The Goergens were surprised when they stumbled upon USA Today’s 50 state bucket list destinations and saw the mine had not only made the list, but was voted as the best in the nation.

In the past the Mine at Bonne Terre has also been chosen by USA Today as the #1 secret attraction in Missouri.

They have also been featured by People Magazine, Red Bull, Jacques Cousteau, Travel Channel, National Geographic, Discover Channel, History Channel, Sport Diver Magazine and many more. The Depot and Bonne Terre Mine are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or



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