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"Freezin for a Reason" brings warmth to those in need

For the second year in a row, the Farmington High School Student Council held "Freezin' with a Reason" coat drive on Dec. 13 at the Black Knight Fieldhouse. Students stood outside without their coats and took donations of coats, gloves, and hats for those in need. Lending a helping hand by collecting various pieces are Ella Guiliani, at left, and Riley Turner. 

Craig Vaughn, Farmington Press

Farmington High School students braved goosebumps and chattering teeth leaving their hats, gloves and coats inside for one chilly evening as they collected winter coats for those in need.

Members of the school’s Student Council stood in front of Black Knight Fieldhouse before the Dec. 13 boys’ basketball game, participating in the second annual “Freezin’ for a Reason” coat drive.

“Last year, one of our students wanted to do this. She had heard about it at another school,” said Kelsey Powell, the student council adviser. “She said she wanted to hold it in December at one of the first basketball games and they would stand outside in T-shirts, tanks and shorts, so they really would be freezing for a reason, and all the clothing they collected would go to a local charity.”

According to Powell, the students were very successful and were able to make a large donation to My Sister’s Place in Bonne Terre.

“Last year we had a massive pile of winter clothes,” Powell said. “It was such a great experience for the kids. They saw all of the clothes they were able to donate to people in need. We had more than just coats. We had winter boots, hats and gloves for adults of all sizes and even babies as well.”

As the result of last year’s drive, Student Council members were excited about standing in front of their school once again in the cold, and hopefully receive at least as many winter items as they did the first year.

“During this time of year, Student Council is always looking for new service projects to benefit and support the community,” Powell said. “I think it is great to see them take the initiative and get excited about an event like this.”

Although the temperature wasn’t nearly as cold as it was last year, Student Council members banded together before the Farmington versus Fox basketball game and waited outside for people to make a donation to their cause. To say "thank you," the person who donated an item received a half-price ticket for the evening’s basketball match.

“I am consistently impressed by our students’ willingness to undertake new service projects,” said Principal Dr. Nathan Hostetler. “Education is about more than only academics. If our students don’t learn the value of serving others, we have done a poor job educating them.”

For those students who got a little chilly this year, their hard work paid off. In just one evening, student council received 12 coats, 12 sweatshirts, 29 hats and 20 pairs of gloves.

“I am so proud to see our students stepping up and finding a way to help people in the community,” Hostetler said. “Student Council did a great job.”

Craig Vaughn is a reporter for the Farmington Press and can be reached at 573-518-3629 or at



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