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Lucy McGuire has published another story – making it four in four years for this author first published at the age of 94.

“Nosey Nellie Starts a Club” tells the story of Nellie, the curious youngster featured in McGuire’s three other books as well.

At the age of 98, McGuire said it was harder for her to paint the illustrations this time around. So, she sketched out the drawings and another person colored in the drawings for her.

McGuire’s latest book tells how Nellie and a group of friends form a club called “Jesus Helpers.” The story tells how they perform random acts of kindness for people to show God’s love to others.

Her writing is not limited to the stories of Nosey Nellie. McGuire has also published a book of poetry – with two of the poems put to music by a pianist who visits where McGuire lives and plays music during their worship services.

But, McGuire also had a bit of history to share on this day. She called the newspaper office to say the home in Ste. Genevieve where she was born is located within the newly established National Park District.

“There’s probably not too many people who can say that anymore,” she said with a chuckle, adding she hopes the designation may be good for the economy in the town of her birth.

As for her books, McGuire said she wanted to add one more story to the “Nosey Nellie” collection.

Her first book in 2014, “Nosey Nellie Visits the Farm,” introduced Nellie, whose curiosity about who provides the food for her breakfast leads to a visit to the farm.

First-time author proves it's never too late

Lucy McGuire is a published author - for the very first time at the age of 94. This spring she wrote and illustrated a children's book, titled "Nosey Nellie Visits the Farm."

The first story was much more than a youngster’s field trip – it teaches children of God’s provisions for them every day…something McGuire feels is important for the younger generation to know.

“I think (if) you start teaching a child when they are very young, it goes with them for the rest of their life,” McGuire said in 2014 after writing the book. “God loves them and provides for them. Even though they can’t see Him. The nosier they get, the more things they’ll find out what God does for them.”

McGuire wrote and illustrated a second book in 2015, titled, “Nosey Nellie Finds the Real Christmas,” and telling of the important lesson learned by the inquisitive young lady.

'Nosey Nellie' learns the real meaning of Christmas

Lucy McGuire says the inspiration for her two "Nosey Nellie" books comes from God. Her illustration of Nosey Nellie and her mother baking cookies came into fruition after McGuire said she realized "I was doing it on my own and hadn’t asked God to help me." At the age of 95, McGuire creates the oil paintings for the books.

“I thought (Nellie) might need to know about why we celebrate Christmas,” she said in 2015. “God inspired me. At my age, I would have never thought of doing such a thing. But He gave me what to say.”

In 2016, she wrote “Nosey Nellie Finds a Best Friend” and told the story of how the youngster from the previous books finds that “knowing about Jesus is not the same as knowing Him.”

Local author completes third work

Lucy McGuire has published her third and final book on Nosey Nellie.

McGuire said she’s written to both Dolly Parton and President Donald Trump about her stories – not so much to sell them, but to share the word of God.

“I said to Dolly, ‘If you get these books, would you call or write to me’,” she said, noting she was encouraged to write by a friend she made while living in the Smokey Mountains that was a friend of the artist.

McGuire said she told Parton in the letter it was not necessary for her to buy copies of her books – she was just passing the books along on the advice of her friend.

But, most importantly, McGuire hopes the books show the importance of having a faith in God.

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