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This may hopefully be the year that the Bingo legislation is going to make it all the way to the Governor’s desk. This week, members in the House approved both a bill (HB 1484) and a proposed constitutional amendment (HJR59) that would remove some of the unnecessary regulations that currently exist for bingo games in Missouri. I recognize the importance of this bill as it would allow a larger pool of members eligible to assist with running bingo games. The change would take pressure off of older members who are now the only ones qualified to run the games under our current law. This bill, if passed, will allow newer members to participate in their organization’s games. These bills now head to the Senate. 

During debates on legislation on the House Floor, amendments can always be introduced and attached to a bill. Some are good and some are not so good. This week, an amendment was added to HB 1744 to include illegal students to be eligible for the A+ program. I will not support this and as it should be, that amendment was defeated on the House Floor.

House Bills that I have sponsored this year

To read the summary of each bill, click on the bill

HB 1286:  fees for explosive use

HB 1287: commercial insurance markets

HB 1288: tax credit donations for pregnancy resource centers

HB 1289: modifies ballot initiatives

HB 1609: aid land clearing projects in St Louis

HB 1690: modifies Missouri life and health insurance act

HB 2122: modifies provisions relating to vehicle sales

HB 2176: creates Missouri video lottery control act

HB 2272: modifies fee requirements for insurance companies

Throughout these next few weeks, bills will be heard in their various committees and voted on as they reach the house floor. Through my weekly videos on Facebook and capitol reports, I will strive to keep you informed of the bills as they move through the legislative process.

Add me as a friend on Facebook at Kevin Engler-Missouri Legislature to view weekly video capitol updates and other happenings at the capitol.

To access any information regarding the Missouri House of Representatives, go to

Once again, I want to thank you for allowing me to be your voice at the Missouri State Capitol. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

This report was filed Feb. 2, 2018


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