As all parents know, the weather at

Halloween can be widely varied, especially here in Missouri. We could have a cold freezing rain or a warm and muggy night.

With that said, I recommend that my patient's parents and guardians dress their children for the weather of that evening. Some costumes may have to be altered last minute with a coat or scarf to make sure the children will be warm throughout the evening.

Reflective clothing or glow sticks help to reduce vehicle-pedestrian accidents as well. Also, parents should accompany their children. They may wish to have a flashlight or lantern so they can strive to reduce falls, trips or other nightly hazards.



If a treat is homemade or a fruit, the child should show it to the parent at the time of receiving it. Talk to your children before setting out to trick or treat so they know to tell you when they received a homemade or fruit treat. Based on how well you know the giver of the treat, the child may or may not be allowed to eat it.

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It's also important to go through the treats at the end of the day. You want to make sure you discard anything with a disrupted wrapper.

Finally, let children eat their candy in moderation. A child who is allowed to overindulge may get a stomach ache and may even vomit, if they take in too much.

It is important to note that chocolate is constipating, so eating healthy fruits and veggies along with small portions of candy is best. Brushing teeth to prevent tooth decay is an excellent idea.

Amy Schomer, MD, is a member of BJC Medical Group. She practices at Medical Arts Clinic, which is located at 7103 W. Liberty, Farmington, Mo., Suite 2020, and the practice can be reached at 573-756-6757.

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