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Working out your resolution
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Working out your resolution


As the new year has arrived it is that time once again to start thinking about resolutions.

One of the most popular resolutions is health and fitness. 

"Health and fitness are not just a quick fix to get where you want to be," Fitness Instructor Lindsey Neel said. "It's a lifelong journey of work and commitment for your health. There will be days of struggle and feeling failure but you and only you have the choice and ability to make that change. It's a journey not a destination."

Neel teaches POUND class on Monday night at 6 p.m. and Barre class on Wednesday night 6 p.m. at the Power Factory gym at 130 East Main in Fredericktown, owned by Tom and Christina Jones.

She was also the Fredericktown Intermediate School physical education teacher for 17 years.

"My husband always has called this my hobby, words cannot express how this journey of being able to teach class is so much more than just a hobby," Neel said. "It all started when I started exploring options of cardio drumming to teach to my students in PE class."

Neel said when she found POUND, it was love at first strike.

"The energy and happiness it gave me as a workout I knew I had to do something with it," Neel said. "So that's how it all began. Last year I wanted to try something new and I loved the vacation Barre classes gave."

Neel has been a certified POUND instructor for three years and a Barre instructor for one. She said she keeps up with her certifications each month and is constantly striving to bring new and challenging routines to her classes.

"POUND is a 45-minute jam workout session using lightly weighted drumsticks and moving the body in various ways," Neel said. "For example lots of squats, lunges and glute bridges will be done, all choreographed to music. Don't let the fast movements and simple repetition scare you. We encourage drum solos."

Neel said POUND is a great way to incorporate cardio and strength all in one and it sure beats running on a treadmill.

"We always finish up our POUND session with weight or resistance bands," Neel said. "We keep the ideas new and exciting. The choreography and equipment we use for strength training changes every month and of course, we have a nice, relaxing cool down that incorporates stretching the muscles just worked."

Neel said Barre is also 45 minutes and has a variety of movement and strength.

"Participants will begin with a dance like aerobic warmup, then movement and strength at a ballet bar, hence the name Barre," Neel said. "Then we incorporate light weight with lots of repetitions and static holds to build strength. Don't let the light weight fool you."

Neel said the final part of Barre class is conditioning of core work and plank progressions and of course a nice relaxing cool down.

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"POUND and Barre are suitable for anyone at any stage and age," Neel said. "The ladies in class will seriously welcome you with open arms in a judgment free zone. We march to the beat of our own drum." 

Neel said if you get a chance to look around the room during class, which most of the time you will be too busy focusing on yourself, everyone will be moving differently which is 100% acceptable.

"Both classes are taught worldwide and give people a great sense of community," Neel said. "Over the past three years I have met some pretty incredible ladies through attending my classes. They are my fitness family and they inspire me, in their own special ways, to continue to be the best I can be for them."

Neel said each person in the class works hard and lifts each other up with the friendships they have made. 

"When you are in class I always say you be you and you no one else," Neel said. "I have had high schoolers enjoy classes with their friends, mother/daughters, women of any shape and size. My own mom, I won't tell her age, comes and has been my biggest support from day one."

Neel said any move can be modified due to injury or ability or just simple because of personal preference.

Each class is $5 each or five classes can be purchased in advance for $20. All equipment is provided and those coming to class do not need to bring anything with them.

"Absolutely nothing is needed when you come to class, I provide everything you would need," Neel said. "Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving and sweating in, shoes are completely optional. The greatest thing you can bring is a friend. Seriously having someone to keep you accountable and share some fun girl time with a couple of nights a week really helps keep you motivated."

Neel said having someone accountable can be your biggest asset in maintaining and keeping your fitness goals or even a whole family lifestyle change where everyone can benefit.

"The hardest weeks are always the first but I promise once you make yourself and your goals a priority don't let anything stop you, not even your excuses," Neel said. "Doing too much too fast can cause quick burnout. Sometimes the smallest changes make the most difference because you can always make room for growth."

Neel said no one wants to hear this when they start a fitness routine or health journey but you need to be 100% honest with yourself as big goals take time.

"Your patience will be the hardest thing to maintain because as you're working hard toward your goals, you want to see those results of hard work and that is something that doesn't come fast or easy," Neel said. "You have to give yourself grace every day and think one day at a time. Those days will turn into weeks, then months, then if you are consistent enough you will see the many positive changes happening and you won't want to stop."

Neel said she tries to keep classes consistently on Monday and Wednesday at 6 p.m. but being a busy sports mom of two boys and wife of a contractor sometimes things can change.

Find POUNDfit with Lindsey on Facebook to keep up to date on class times.

There are a variety of classes offered throughout the Parkland. 

Jan Petty incorporates drumsticks in her Strong/Hit It! Class at Farmington Civic Center on Mondays at 7:50 a.m. and StayFit Training Studio Tuesday and Thursday at 5:20 p.m. At StayFit the first class is free.

If you are interested in what hte Farmington Civic Center has to offer, visit them on Facebook at Farmington Missouri Civic Center. On Saturday, they are offering an open house where individuals can enjoy a "free day of play" at the Civic Center with no admission fee. Membership specials include your first month for $25 and 25% off annual memberships.

Victoria Kemper is a reporter for the Daily Journal. She can be reached at 573-783-3366 or at


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