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5 painting tools to skip

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Paint key

You don’t need a special tool to open your paint cans; a standard flat-head screwdriver works just fine.

Plastic tube to cover a wet roller

If you’re done painting for the day but want to pick it back up tomorrow, cover the roller in plastic wrap, then throw it into a plastic bag with an airtight seal.

Plastic tray liners

These aren’t necessary if you get a quality hard plastic paint tray. Plus, it’s less wasteful if you don’t throw away a plastic liner each time you paint.

Paint pads

Skip these, unless you’re using it to paint behind hard-to-reach areas like a toilet tank or radiator.

Anything with paint in the handle

“Any gadget that sucks paint up into its handle is a nightmare to use and to clean. In the time it takes to refill it, you could already be painting,” says Manfredini.


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