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A group of Amazon workers upset about recent layoffs, a return-to-office mandate and the company’s environmental impact is planning a walkout at its Seattle headquarters Wednesday. The lunchtime protest comes a week after the company’s annual shareholder meeting and a month after a policy took effect requiring workers to return to the office three days per week. As of Tuesday night, more than 1,800 employees had pledged to walk out around the world, with about 870 in Seattle, according to Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, a climate change advocacy group founded by Amazon workers. Amazon has cut 27,000 jobs since November.

    Eleven former Twitter cleaning workers at its New York City offices are suing the company, saying they are owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay and damages after abruptly being fired in December. The lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court maintains the company violated New York City rules protecting union workers. It said the workers were replaced with those from another cleaning company despite protections in place for them. The firings came within days of four dozen janitors losing their jobs at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters. Twitter had no comment Tuesday when messaged seeking a response.

      Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is in custody at the Texas prison where she will spend the next 11 years serving her sentence for overseeing an infamous blood-testing hoax. Holmes could be seen Tuesday from outside the prison’s gates walking into the a federal women’s prison camp located in Bryan, Texas.  She wore jeans, a brown sweater and was smiling as she spoke with two prison employees accompanying her. Her arrival comes more than a year after a jury convicted Holmes on four felony counts of fraud and conspiracy in January 2022. She was sentenced to prison time in November.

        Disgraced Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has reported to a federal prison in Texas — marking the start of her 11-year sentence for overseeing a notorious blood testing hoax. Holmes was convicted last year for duping investors who contributed hundreds of millions of dollars in the failed Silicon Valley startup. On Tuesday, she entered a federal women’s prison camp in Bryan, Texas — a minimum-security facility where the federal judge who sentenced Holmes in November recommended she be incarcerated. Federal Prison Camp Bryan, located around 95 miles from Houston, houses about 650 women.

        While artificial intelligence is seeding upheaval across the workforce, from screenwriters to financial advisers, the technology will disproportionately replace jobs typically held by women, according to human resources analytics firm Revelio Labs.

        Cooking steak on a grill gives it a delicious crust and smoky flavor, but not all of us have a grill, or a backyard to do it in. So what are we supposed to do? Fortunately, we can achieve similar results in the kitchen.

        As older Americans hold onto their homes, less existing supply is available for new buyers entering the market. And unlike previous generations, baby boomers—those born between 1946 and 1964—have shown a greater propensity to age in place, proving reluctant to leave homes where they feel com…

        So many of us are busy with various commitments, which can lead to stress, anxiety or burnout. Yet, psychotherapist and yoga / meditation instructor Eloise Skinner, insists meditation may be the key to reducing negative emotions, increasing creativity and patience, as well as helping you to …

        Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo has signed a bill enshrining existing protections for out-of-state abortion patients and in-state providers. The move on Tuesday marks a rare occurrence of a Republican governor approving measures that are part of Democrats’ vow to make the western swing state an abortion safe haven. The bill codifies former Gov. Steve Sisolak's executive order from last year. Sisolak lost reelection to Lombardo. The executive order bars state agencies from assisting other states in out-of-state investigations that could lead to prosecution of abortion patients. It also ensures medical boards and commissions that oversee medical licenses do not discipline or disqualify doctors who provide abortions.


        It is with great pleasure that we present to you our 7th edition of the Best of the Parkland magazine. This year the readers spoke loudly as we received the highest number of nominations and votes ever!

        The Parkland is a special place and being named Best of the Parkland is a celebration of all that is good in our communities.

        Our area is growing by leaps and bounds and with that comes new businesses as well. We hope that you do now and will continue to EAT LOCAL – READ LOCAL – SHOP LOCAL – SUPPORT LOCAL.

        Please join us as we congratulate all of the businesses & individuals who made it onto the list this year. Their hard work and dedication to their trades do not go unnoticed. It’s time for them to shine and we are honored to help shine that spotlight.

        We would like to also say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. We encourage you to pay a visit to the businesses on this list. Some may be familiar, and some may be new to you – all will welcome your business I’m certain.

        And if you would, please be sure to congratulate them on being voted Best of the Parkland.


        The community nominated and voted for the best of the Parkland region in 2023, and we listened. These are the winners and favorites the community selected for the Entertainment group.

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