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Air conditioners available through EMAA

Gathered around air conditioner units donated to East Missouri Action Agency through Ameren Missouri's Air Conditioner Giveaway Program are, from left, Laura Klipfel, Ameren customer service advisor; Dan Valdez, Ameren overhead repairman; Josh Heineman, engineer; Jim Noce, lineman; Russell Burger, Ameren SEMO Division director; Cathy Poole, EMAA Community Services director; and Shanna Yount, EMAA program director.

East Missouri Action Agency will be distributing 50 window air conditioners to low-income individuals and families and elderly Ameren Missouri customers throughout the utility’s service area in coming days.

It’s all possible because of Ameren Missouri's Air Conditioner Giveaway Program, explained Cathy Poole, EMAA community services director. "Today we had 50 window air conditioners delivered to EMAA — 25 to our Cape Girardeau office and 25 to our office here in Park Hills. We really appreciate the generosity shown each year by Ameren Missouri in providing these air conditioners."

The air conditioners are ENERGY STAR®-certified units that meet the strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. They cost approximately 75 cents per day to operate. Eligible recipients will be selected by East Missouri Action Agency which uses certain age and medical circumstances to determine qualification for air-conditioners. However, utility assistance this summer is based also on income eligibility.

Ameren SEMO Division Director Russell Burger, who was present for the delivery in Park Hills, said, "This means that the needy have an opportunity to get some free air conditioners sponsored by Ameren Missouri. We've been doing this for a number of years and I think we've given away 400 this year in the Southeast Missouri Division.

"Ameren Missouri is committed to providing safe and reliable energy to our 1.2 million customers in communities throughout our state. As part of our mission to power the quality of life, we also connect with communities through a variety of education and outreach programs — such as East Missouri Action Agency — which distributes hundreds of air conditioners we are donating today to customers in need. We're fortunate to have EMAA as a dedicated and proven partner leading this initiative.

"Over the years, we have formed a productive partnership that aims to keep people cool and safe during the hot summer months. We also appreciate EMAA's endorsement of many of our customer service programs, such as our budget billing program, which help neighbors maintain an affordable monthly utility bill. We are proud to support EMAA which does an outstanding job distributing these air conditioners to those in need."

People who have electric utility service through Ameren Missouri that are interested in receiving a free air conditioner are encouraged to contact their local EMAA office to see if they meet the qualifications to take advantage of the program. Call the Park Hills Office at 573-431-5191 for more information.

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