City running short-handed

City Attorney Mark Bishop administers the oath of office to newly-elected Alderman Misty Dean in April 2019. She had previously served on the board.

Another resignation has been added to the list for the city of Leadington.

Alderman Misty Dean, who stormed out of the last board of aldermen meeting, announced her resignation Wednesday effective immediately. This follows the recent resignations of the mayor, police chief, city clerk, court clerk, as well as the city's prosecutor and judge. 

In a letter to the mayor pro-tem and remaining board of aldermen, she said that she has seen and heard nothing "but negativity, diversion and lack of communication between staff, the board and the public" since taking office three months ago. 

"I feel that individuals are being targeted, manipulated, harassed and even bullied for others personal gain," she wrote in the letter. "Only half truths and most are false or lies that the citizens of Leadington and the general public are being told."

She said when she was elected to the Board of Aldermen four years ago, they had differences but they were not divided. 

"We did not set out to go head hunting and try and slander and ruin a persons reputation or their families," she wrote. "This was the Board that I enjoyed being a part of and now it sickens me to see how bad things actually are for the city of Leadington and how bad it has changed in four years. I no longer wish to be part of what I call a shit show and watch the demise of the city of (Leadington)."

She said she feels the only way for the city to stay afloat is for "a certain two aldermen to step down and the city get a new board." 

She said she can't sit next to someone who sets out to ruin people's lives to benefit them. 

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