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Area archers will soon have a new facility available for honing their skills, provided by the city of Farmington and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Ground was recently broken at the site off Pimville Road near the city yard waste site, often referred to as the "city farm".

Farmington Parks and Recreation Director Chris Conway said the department has long been seeing interest in an archery facility from the area’s large community of archers, several hundred of whom recently entered to be drawn for the city’s first managed deer hunt.

“We always get messages on Facebook, emails to the office and phone calls asking about the potential to add a site for (archery enthusiast) in the area,” Conway said.

“Greg Beavers, Bud Norman and myself kind of got together and decided the best plan of action to get an archery range in Farmington.”

Conway said workers are constructing a walking archery range with 15 lanes, each able to accommodate shots of up to 50 yards. The city has been working hand-in-hand with the Missouri Department of Conservation on the project.

“We met with them and they walked the course and approved it,” Conway said. “This will be a joint facility — a city facility and a conservation facility. They’ll help us with the finances and they helped us with some of the technicalities with course design. They’ll be helping out with some of the expenses like targets, target shelters and some of the labor that will go into it.”

Work on the project has progressed well since beginning. The lanes utilize mulch from the yard waste site, which is on the same property. "That worked out very well for us,” added Conway.

The next step will be the addition of the targets on the range, with hopes the project will be completed or very near completion in a month.

Conway said the facility will provide the opportunity for competitions, but no such plans have been made as of yet.

“Initially, we’re hoping to add a static range where we could do some competitions and classes,” he said. “That’s still in the works, but nothing is set in stone yet.”

The facility is located off Pimville Road, approximately a half mile from Bray Road.

Jacob Scott is a reporter with the Daily Journal. He can be reached at 573-518-3616 or at


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