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Authorities are confirming that Brandon Bourbon was found dead Friday afternoon. 

Bourbon, 24, of Potosi, had been missing since April 2 and the Washington County and Maries County Sheriff’s Departments, as well as other agencies, had been actively following leads.

Bourbon was found on a secluded riverfront property off Route AA near Vienna in Maries County, according to a press release at 8 p.m. Friday from Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman. He was reportedly found in his van. 

"After investigation it was apparent that Bourbon had committed suicide," the press release stated. "The family has been notified and we send them our deepest sympathies."

Washington County Sheriff’s Department Captain Zach Jacobsen received information from Maries County Friday.

“I cannot release the manner of his death at this time because the coroner hasn’t ruled that yet,” said Jacobsen. “There was no cell service where they were processing the scene at, so they were relaying information through their dispatch center, who has been relaying information to us.”

Jacobsen said they are doing a toxicology, but no autopsy, so he contacted the Washington County coroner to expedite the retrieval of Bourbon.

“What a terrible end to this,” said Jacobsen. “Maries County has been amazing with us and this investigation. They have dropped everything they were doing and did exactly what we asked them to when we asked them to do it. The sheriff’s office did an outstanding job and so did the community.”

Jabobsen said Friday night that they know very limited information at this time and they are still waiting to hear from the Maries County detective working the case.

Bourbon, who is from Potosi and a former player for the University of Kansas Jayhawks, was last known to be on his way to church in St. Francois County on April 2 and he also had plans with family. Authorities said he never made it his destination and hadn’t been heard from since.

Bourbon’s phone started pinging in Steelville and then on its way up to Maries County, up in that area and back toward Kansas City where he went to college and played football.


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