Boil water order

Water service has returned to three large facilities after a hit in the water main by a contractor near a school and medical facility Friday.

Crews were able to isolate the broken area of the main on Hyler Drive in Farmington and close the valves for that area – returning water service to Parkland Health Center, Farmington High School and the Farmington Civic Center.

At this point, crews are working to return full water service to these areas on the west side of town.

The following addresses will be under a boil water order once service is restored. The areas include: Maple Valley Drive, between Hazel Lane and Liberty Street; Hazel Lane; Parkland Drive; West Liberty Street, between Westmount Drive and Kinley Drive; Hyler Drive; Westmount Drive; Doctors Drive; Westgate Drive; Kinley Drive; West Second Street; and Ruby Drive.

Farmington City Administrator Greg Beavers said crews continue to repair the water main break.

Beavers said the city is obtaining samples and hopes to lift the boil water order as soon as possible. He said the city will release further information at the time the order is lifted.

A press release provided by the city said the order will be lifted as soon as bacteriological samples demonstrate the water is safe for domestic use. The release states testing usually takes a minimum of three days for the samples to return.

Until the order is lifted, customers in the affected area are asked to do the following:

Boil all water used for human consumption. This includes all water used for drinking, cooking and water used for brushing teeth.

Boil water used for making coffee. Coffee makers do not boil the water as it filters through to the coffee pot.

Water should come to a full rolling boil for a total of three minutes. Allow water to cool before consumption.

The water supply to the ice maker should be turned off during the boil water order. If not possible, throw away all ice made until 24 hours after the boil water order is lifted.

For more information on the boil water order, contact the Farmington Public Works Department at 573-756-0608.

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