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A Caledonia man is being charged with felony charges after police say he was involved with burglarizing a business in Washington County.

Dustin Anderson, 27, is charged with a class D felony of burglary in the second degree and a class E felony of possession of burglar’s tools. He's also being charged with a class E felony of stealing, the charge stemming from an unrelated case.

According to Washington County Sheriff Zach Jacobsen, on Jan. 21 deputies were called to Roy’s Convenience store located at 220 State Highway 21 in Caledonia for a burglary.

“It was reported by employees who arrived to work on Sunday morning and discovered the drive-up window and front door glass were both broken,” Jacobsen said. “It was also discovered that an amount of (money) was missing.”

According to a probable cause statement, the deputy watched the security video footage and saw a man, later identified as Anderson, entering the convenience store by breaking out the drive-thru window with a hammer.

The footage showed that when Anderson climbed through the window he hit a laptop sitting on the counter and knocked it to the floor. The laptop was damaged. The deputy reportedly saw Anderson take the change baskets from beneath the registers in the front of the store.

Anderson took a total of $440 in cash and rolled coins. Afterward he took the hammer and broke out the glass in the front door to make his escape.

Anderson could be seen in the video leaving on foot toward Orchard Lane where he was later located. The entire incident took place at about 12:40 a.m. while the store was closed.

The deputy reported that later in the investigation Anderson’s brother-in-law arrived at the business and asked to speak with a deputy. He told the deputy he had found a backpack filled with rolled coins and several stacks of $1 bills in his house.

He said he wasn’t sure where it came from, but his wife told him about the convenience mart being burglarized and that the only thing that was taken was money. The man gave the backpack to the deputy and it matched the one seen in the surveillance video. The deputy also noted the backpack contained only $315.

Later in the day, after Anderson was arrested, the man reached out to the deputy a second time and told him he found Anderson’s pants and hoodie behind the couch in his house. He said there was also a sizable amount of money in the pants pocket.

That money added up to $125, and when the deputy saw Anderson’s hoodie and shoes, they matched what the burglar was wearing in the surveillance footage.

After looking around Anderson’s residence, the deputy found a wooden hammer that matched the images of the hammer used to break out the windows at the convenience store.

In an unrelated incident, on Jan. 6 Anderson visited a friend and while there he reportedly stole the friend’s chainsaw that was worth $600. He then took the chainsaw to a pawn shop in Park Hills and pawned it for $80.

An officer was able to obtain the pawn receipt, which had Anderson’s signature on it and a copy of his driver’s license.

Anderson is being held in the Washington County Jail on a combined $65,000 bond.

Renee Bronaugh is a reporter for the Daily Journal and can be reached at 573-518-3617 or



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