Fredericktown City Council

The Fredericktown City Council met for its bi-monthly meeting recently.

The Fredericktown City Council discussed City Lake Bridge repairs and Sports Complex progress recently.

In regular session business, Cheryl Brulotte once again approached the council for an update on City Lake Bridge.

"I was here last August about the City Lake bridge," Brulotte said. "I was told Christmas. Christmas came and went and nothing happened. Then, I was told a couple of months ago that they were going to start, and the county was going to help."

Alderman Harold Thomas said the project is waiting on an environmental study and once it is completed the city will have the permits needed to put the project out for bid.

City Engineer Tim Baer said those types of archaeological surveys can take some time, but he believes it has already been a month so it should be finished soon. 

"It's been over a year," Brulotte said. "I just don't understand why it is taking so long. I live up there on Buford. We are having a huge school bus turn around and it's been over a year. Somebody is going to get hurt. It may be a child." 

Alderman Paul Brown said the reason the project has taken so long is due to going through the entire process twice. He said the city was prepared to do the project on its own but was given a better opportunity with working with the county.

"By being able to do this with the county we can widen the bridge so that is is not just one lane," Mayor Kelly Korokis said. "Which we think would be kind of dangerous especially when you are trying to come down the hill. There will also be no weight limit which, if we had gone the other way, the school buses would still be turning around."

Korokis said she understands how difficult it is to turn a bus around on there because she has experienced it on her summer school routes. 

"This will be safer and will give the ability for a school bus to go over it," Korokis said. "Even though it is taking longer, it is going to be better."

In work session business, Electric Supervisor Jeff Lawson made a request to have PLC relocate the electric line at the Sports Complex. Lawson said the job would require the lines be moved while hot and is a task which would be difficult for his crew.

"What I am requesting is not budgeted but having only two guys that are able to do it makes it hard for us to do," Lawson said. "TLC will do it hot and we have to because there is no way to back feed."

Lawson said if power was killed to move the lines, businesses such as Walmart and Dollar Store would be out of power. He said while TLC is in town he would like to have them finish this up so any possible damage to the softball field can be repaired.

"We don't know what water lines they have on that softball field and if we've damaged them or not from having to take the trackhoe from Black River across," Lawson said. "They came in and were able to auger out the holes around the creek for us where the rock was, so we could finish setting the poles."

Lawson said the irrigation person is afraid the pipes may have been damaged due to the heavy machine driving over the pipes which are only a couple feet deep.

The council approved the request as an emergency repair.

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